Plush Manor Wedding Photographs in Dorset Countryside

Back in May we blogged about our engagement photo shoot with Craig and Nicky. We dodged rain and hail storms with a sneak peek of the secretive Plush Manor wedding venue. On their wedding day the weather could not have been any more different. A perfect English summer’s day.

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Documentary Wedding Bridal Preparation Photographs

I joined the girls first thing in the morning at Nicky’s family home in Abbotsbury. A gorgeous Dorset countryside village we last visited for an Abbostbury Subtropical Gardens Wedding. There was a lively buzz to the place already. Outside Nicky’s father was giving rides in the gorgeous MG sports car borrowed for the day. Meanwhile inside home cooked food was being prepared. The bridesmaids had already started organising themselves.

Bride and bridesmaid on Plush Manor wedding morning Wedding dress with detail hanging in window for Plush Manor Wedding

Now I knew this was going to be a ‘foodie’ wedding. Given Craig’s work with MSN Food and Drink but I didn’t expect to be swapping recipes and sampling such yummy food with Nicky’s mother! Nicky had even made champagne jellies for her guest’s trip to the reception venue!

Nicky told me she was slightly nervous about the Plush Manor Wedding day ahead but it didn’t show. Even in her silk kimono, first thing in the morning, she looked serenely stunning. Next, in a sensational cloud of fresh coffee and baking aromas the girls settled into a whirl of hair and makeup preparation.

Bride is laced into her wedding dress with wedding garter Bride in white wedding dress with clutchbag on wedding morning Bride in veil portrait in mirror on Plush Manor Morning

The natural light was working perfectly for a wedding morning. It shafted in through the windows and reflected from mirrors all over the house. Before leaving for the church I was surrounded by a fun-filled gorgeous group of ladies, very excited about shooting the day ahead.

Plush Manor Wedding Groom Preparation Photographs

Meanwhile Craig and the chaps prepared themselves and their speeches over at Plush Manor. Craig’s incredible eye for detail allowed for focus on the story of the day. The cufflinks, watches and shoes that had all been carefully selected.

Groom and Best Man at Plush Manor Wedding Venue in Dorset yellow rose button hole at Plush Manor Wedding St Nicolas Church Abbotsbury wedding photograph Artist creates drawings at Plush Manor Wedding Best man portrait at Plush Manor Wedding Groom awaits bride at Abbotsburch Church wedding

Abbotsbury Church Wedding Ceremony Photographs

A relaxed and friendly attitude of a vicar always transcends to a wedding service. In the sunny, picturesque St Nicholas Church in Abbotsbury the wedding guests were treated to a wonderful ceremony. In the grounds outside St Catherine’s Chapel (where Craig had proposed) could be seen atop of the rolling Dorset countryside.

Bride arrives at Abbotsbury church with her father Bride sees groom for first time at Abbotsbury Church Wedding Happy Bride and Groom leave Abbotsbury Church Bride and groom photograph at Abbotsbury Church Wedding Wedding photograph at Abbotsbury Church in Dorset Bride and Groom outside Abbotsbury Church, Dorset

Plush Manor Wedding Reception Photographs

Craig, who by now couldn’t stop smiling, drove the ribboned MG to Plush Manor wedding venue. He was then followed by the guests. Next, the canapés and drinks reception were served in the stunning gardens of Plush Manor. The summer sun brought out all of the colours, textures and tones of the surroundings.

Now I think I should mention the catering. Not just because I know that Craig will have spent such a long time selecting and choosing the caterers but also because it was simply amazing. Now we have been to over 200 weddings in our time and never has the presentation, service and taste of wedding food blown us away like that supplied by Nomad catering (now Rabbit and Rose). With my mouth now watering I also noticed that one of the images from our engagement photo shoot had made it onto the labels of the bottled beer. Again, carefully selected for the day!

Plush Manor Church

In contrast to the music venue with dark wooden pews I wrote about in the engagement photo shoot blog post the church had been transformed. It was now a bright, colourful dining hall with unique detail everywhere you looked. There were jars of sweets in a distressed cabinet, next to a tower of incredible smelling cheeses, a fully stocked bar, origami birds hung all over the walls, flowers were placed throughout (some imported especially for the day). A golden pig statue gleamed next to the DJ booth on the stage. Next, the long dining tables were laid out with ‘top trump’ pictures of all of the guests and fun images of Craig and Nicky in differing national costumes.

Meanwhile, outside in the summer sun bunches of flowers were beautifully arranged in tea crates and olive oil tins. Straw bales with gingham throws were then set around a fire pit and next to the church stood a sun marque and bar. All with views across the Dorset countryside.

Funny Group Wedding Photograph at Plus Manor Wedding Bride strikes a pose at Plush Manor Wedding reception Nomad wedding catering at Plush Manor Wedding Photograph Child guest having fun at Plush Manor wedding venue in Dorset Bride and groom walk to church wedding breakfast at Plush Manor, Dorset Wedding flowers in olive cans at Plush Manor wedding

Plush Manor Wedding Breakfast Photographs

Again the food supplied for the wedding breakfast by Nomad (now Rabbit and Rose) catering blew us away. The guests were literally licking their plates clean!

This was the first time we had seen wedding speeches delivered from a pulpit. To add effect to his speech (and Craig’s embarrassment) the best man wondered amongst the guests.

Tower of cheeses at Plush Manor wedding in Dorset Bride and groom enter wedding breakfast in Church at Plush Manor Wedding Food by Nomad Wedding Catering at Plush Manor in Dorset Grooms speech at Plush Manor Wedding Venue

Plush Manor Wedding Evening Photographs

As the sun set over the rolling Dorset countryside Craig and Nicky’s own specially selected blend of coffee was served. They even mixed their own flavour of gin! The fire pit and lanterns were lit.

The happy buzz of the guests could be heard all around the grounds as they sat around the fire and milled about by the bar in the marquee.

Bride outside Plush Manor Church Wedding venue Gorgeous clouds at sunset at Plush Manor Wedding Wedding tent with lampshades at Plush Manor wedding evening

Once the tables had been cleared Craig and Nicky had their first dance inside the church. The guests then needed little encouragement to join in. Next, the music turned decidedly funky, and resisting the urge to dance we captured the bouncing, swirling enjoyment of the guests. By then, they had opened the fancy dress box and were ready to rave the night away.

We left a little dumb stuck by the sheer amount of beauty and wonderful detail we had shot at Craig and Nicky’s Plush Manor Wedding (and also just how good the food was!).

Wedding guests sit by campfire on wedding evening at Plush Manor Bride and groom outside Plush Manor Church at night DJ in Church at Plush Manor Wedding Evening Reception First dance wedding photograph at Pluch Manor Wedding


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