Claire & Lewis’ Pink and Yellow Wedding at The Haven Hotel

When we originally met Claire and Lewis to discuss their Haven Hotel wedding plans we thought that they were brave to choose a pink and yellow wedding colour scheme. It takes a creative mind and an eye for detail to pull off such a strong colour combo. They certainly did that with spectacular results. Look out for splashes of pink and yellow through the following wedding photographs!

Documentary Wedding Morning Photographs

Leaving the sand dunes behind on the Sandbanks ferry I dropped Murray off at The Haven Hotel first thing in the morning and proceeded to Claire and Lewis’ house in Ferndown.

View on morning of Haven hotel wedding

I could immediately see just how much preparation had gone into the big day. In the kitchen teas and coffees were being brewed non-stop and a mouth-watering selection of pastries and fruit was available. Under the kitchen table laden with presents and wedding paraphernalia all of the wedding shoes sat in a line.

Laughing bridesmaids before Haven hotel wedding

This scene was mirrored in the bright front room of the house by the bridesmaids themselves who were lined up with three (yea that’s right, three!) hairdressers busily filling the air with smells of hot tongs and hairspray.

Morning hair styling before Haven hotel wedding Flower girl has hair done before Haven hotel wedding

Claire was whizzing between these two rooms, calm, collected and radiating infectious happiness. All four bridesmaids, Claire and her mother were wearing custom dressing robes with pink names on the back.

Bridesmaid in detailed dressing gown before Haven hotel wedding

Upstairs hidden away, hung Claire’s stunning white wedding dress. A sweetheart princess line and ball gown silhouette with a perfect amount of detail in the appliqué. Next door hung the bridesmaids’ lovely soft yellow dresses. The yellow of the pink and yellow wedding.

Dress lit in window before Haven hotel wedding Bride doing make up before Haven hotel wedding

Rolls Royce wedding car on wedding morning

Father of the bride in Pink tie and handkercheif Make up before Haven hotel wedding

The Makeup artist was working her magic in the natural light of the kitchen and the videographers from Bride and Zoom arrived to capture some of the morning’s activities.

Tears of joy were the order of the morning and we joked that every time someone cried that the doorbell would ring.  So when the ever effervescent Maria from Simply Flower arrived it was no surprise that her incredible floral creations caused more than one set of waterworks! Her flowers perfectly incorporated the pink and yellow wedding theme.

Taking pictures of wedding flowers Pink and Yellow Wedding Flowers in mirrors

Flower girl put on shoes at Haven hotel wedding Bridesmaids in Yellow Dresses from Haven hotel wedding

With the bridesmaids and flower girls all looking stunningly beautiful in their yellow dresses Claire was helped into her wedding dress by her mother. With her tiara and veil in place she descended the stairs to gasps from all of the ladies present. She literally took their breath away.

Bride through veil before Haven hotel weddingDress detail at Haven hotel wedding Bride ascends stairs before Haven hotel wedding

Bridesmaids reaction to seeign bride in weddign dress

Outside was like a scene from a film. A 1959 red London Routemaster bus and a gorgeous 1924 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost from Christchurch Wedding Cars pulled up outside. They were surrounded by most of the occupants of the neighbourhood, hoping to catch a glimpse of the beautiful bride.

Wedding transport for Haven hotel wedding

Bride in wedding car at Haven hotel wedding Bride and father arrive at Haven hotel wedding

A Pink and Yellow Wedding Morning at The Haven Hotel

Meanwhile at the Haven Hotel wedding venue Murray found Lewis and many of the wedding guests finishing their breakfast before heading off to the bridal suite to prepare.

Outside the main entrance at Haven hotel wedding

Once in the room Lewis showed Murray the Tiffany wedding rings. He decided to keep hold of them until the last-minute before handing them over to his best man. Claire had cleverly given him cuff links with instructions where to meet his bride to be and at what time. Pink ties and handkerchiefs supplied the pink for the pink and yellow colour wedding colour scheme.

While the videographers busied away the boys enjoyed a beer on the balcony. Lewis took the opportunity to read the paper out in the warm sunshine with the spectacular sea views.

Groom relaxes before Haven hotel wedding

Taking in the view Haven hotel wedding

Well Groomed Wedding suit with pink detailing Pink wedding ties on wedding morning with groom Groom and groomsmen prepare before Haven hotel wedding Groom adjusts pink wedding tie

The room was a hive of activity, Lewis’s mum arrived and was on hand to adjust his cravat. With everyone looking the part they set off to the bar.

Dutch courage before Haven hotel wedding

By this time many guests had arrived in the bar and transferred onto the bus which set off for St Mary’s Church in Ferndown. Once the bus arrived the guests, groom and ushers disembarked. The Father of the Bride took the bus back to Claire and Lewis‘s house to pick up the bridesmaids.

Wedding London bus Guests in window of bus fromvHaven hotel wedding Groom and groomsmen on the bus from Haven hotel wedding

Wedding guests gather outside churchChurch flowers from Haven hotel wedding Groom checks his watch from Haven hotel wedding Black and white portrait of groom during Haven hotel wedding Groom and best man in church from Haven hotel wedding

Dorset Church Wedding Service Photographs

The wedding service at St Mary’s was one of the most uplifting we have attended. The church had been decorated by Maria with pink and yellow flowers. The vicar allowed us to work unrestricted and capture the real loving atmosphere of the ceremony.

Bride arrives at church during Haven hotel wedding Bride comes down the aisle at Haven hotel wedding Bride and groom during church service Flower girl during church wedding service Exchange of vows during church wedding First kiss during Haven hotel wedding Couple during church service from Haven hotel wedding Church service from Haven hotel wedding

With a lovely reading of prayers from one of the bridesmaids, an exchange of rings and first kiss Claire and Lewis emerged into the bright sunshine outside to be showered in confetti.

Couple walk down the aisle at Haven hotel wedding Kiss outside church at Haven hotel wedding Confetti at Haven hotel wedding Couple in wedding car at Haven hotel wedding

We followed the wedding car back to Evening Hill for some photographs of the happy couple. Looking out at Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island, Claire and Lewis took the opportunity to practice their first dance moves one last time.

Newlyweds at Poole harbour from Haven hotel wedding

The Haven Hotel Pink and Yellow Wedding Venue in Dorset

At the Haven Hotel the newly weds were welcomed by wedding co-coordinator Hannah with bubbly and asked to join guests in the bar. Drinks flowed and the guests enjoyed the panoramic views overlooking the entrance to Poole Harbour and the Sandbanks Ferry. Once the newly weds had had a chance to be congratulated by all the guests we all headed out onto the beach for some group photos.

Hotel gate at the Haven

Bride arrives at Haven hotel wedding Bride and bridesmaid at Haven hotel wedding Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses on the beach Yellow and Pink wedding theme

Newlyweds and guests at Haven hotel wedding Yellow Bridesmaids dress and flower girl at Haven hotel wedding Bride through her veil at Haven hotel wedding Bride ,groom and bridesmaid at Haven hotel wedding

The Purbeck suite had been beautifully decorated for a pink and yellow wedding breakfast. Huge yellow flower arrangements and pink chair sashes spread throughout the room. A sweet table offered confectionery treats in pink striped paper bags and the three-tier yellow wedding cake was topped with edible pink and yellow flowers.

Yellow and Pink Wedding theme at The Haven Hotel Table decoration at Haven hotel wedding Yellow wedding flowers from Yellow and Pink wedding Yellow and Pink Wedding Cake Sweet table from Haven hotel wedding Bridesmaid at Pink and Yellow Wedding at Haven hotel Top table guest from Haven hotel wedding Bride laughs during Haven hotel wedding Guest during Haven hotel wedding Bride and young wedding guest from Haven hotel wedding

We knew the wedding breakfast was good when the happy chatter and laughing immediately died down to almost silence when the first course was served. Once the meal had finished we quickly photographed Claire throwing her bouquet and the videographers posed session.

Bouquet toss on the beach from Haven hotel weddingHappy couple from Haven hotel weddingPink and Yellow Wedding Bouquet at seaside Flower girl on beach from Haven hotel wedding

Balcony view from Haven hotel wedding Table centerpiece flowers from Haven hotel wedding

Wedding guests at Haven hotel wedding Guests at the bar from Haven hotel wedding

Cutting the cake preceded the evening’s dancing. Claire took to the dance floor with her father followed by the first dance. This was no ordinary first dance, our happy couple had been practising a choreographed routine for months. All of the guests gathered around the dance floor with their choreographer bridesmaid.  Claire and Lewis impressively executed their moves to everyone’s excitement.

Bride and father dance at Haven hotel wedding Bride looking over grooms shoulder at Haven hotel wedding During first dance Haven hotel wedding First dance at Haven hotel wedding Bride during first dance at Haven hotel wedding Kissing newlyweds at Haven hotel wedding

The evening’s music was supplied by wedding band ‘Sunstroke’ and DJ John Holman, who did a wonderful job of keeping all of the guests throwing shapes on the dance floor.

Wedding band at Haven hotel wedding Dancing wedding guests at the Haven hotel wedding Dancing guest at Haven hotel wedding

Outside the sun had set over the harbour and the sky glowed a deep starlit blue. We stole our still grinning couple away for a wedding umbrella photograph in front of the hotel.

Silhouette of couple from Haven hotel wedding

The evening buffet was served and we left the wedding party rocking the night away.

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