Muppet Wedding Cakes - Cupcakes with Colourful Characters

There are wedding cakes and then there are wedding cakes! Here’s some muppet wedding cakes you will love!

Here’s the post we know a lot of you brides have been asking us for! After seeing (and tasting) these extraordinary cakes at a recent Walton Castle wedding we have done a little research into the Muppet Wedding cakes. They are so sought after (and a best-kept bridal secret) that we have had to obtain the bride’s and baker’s permission before publishing this post.

The cakes were supplied by Cupcake Occasions, who are Mandy Rawlins and Caroline Deasy. Two lovely sisters working in Cloydon, Suffolk. They specialise in American style cupcakes using frosting and decorating techniques they picked up in the US of A.

All of the characters on the Muppet cupcakes were made out of a mix of regal icing and frosting, which Mandy says is just like working with playdough!

It took the sisters two whole days to make all of the characters, the separate cupcakes are then baked and frosted, including the coloured hair for Animal, Gonzo and Miss Piggy. The top cake was carrot cake and then cupcakes were a mix of vanilla, chocolate, carrot and lemon.

The star of the show during the wedding breakfast came in to the Muppets theme tune!

Beaker looked slightly worried about being eaten:

Rowlf had a chocolate cupcake:

Miss Piggy was probably the most popular muppet wedding cake of them all:

The gonzo muppet wedding cake looses his nose to the page-boy:

Every wedding cake the sisters lovingly craft is entirely personalised for their clients. They have made pretty much everything and anything. From a VW Camper Van to a Dominos Pizza!

For more information please see Cupcake Occasions website here and their Facebook Page where they post all of their latest designs.

My delicious fuzzy bear muppet wedding cake did not last very long. I would recommend Mandy and Caroline to all of our brides to be.

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