Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer at Julian & Anelli’s Wedding

We are still getting over the amazing colours from Julian and Anneli’s Durdledoor engagement photo shoot with their dog.

So as a Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer, we arrived with excited anticipation at Durdledoor Holiday Cottages on their wedding morning. You can see more of our Lulworth Castle wedding photographs here or read our Lulworth Castle wedding photographers wedding venue review here.

Lulworth Castle Wedding Preparations

The beautifully converted barns stand at the top of the hill with a private swimming pool overlooking the sea.

Inside Anneli and the girls were buzzing about the room in preparation for the day ahead. We were glad to see Caroline from Amazing Face (one of our recommended wedding suppliers) had been chosen to style the girls make up – we knew they were in safe hands.

Bridesmaid Wedding Hair Styling on wedding morning
The unidirectional light coming in through the windows added some drama to the morning’s activities and I was able capture the happiness of the occasion.

Whilst hair and make up was styled, the gorgeous wedding flowers from Nomad catering (now Rabbit and Rose) arrived in a perfect combination of country blues, pinks and purples. Matching the dresses and colour theme of the day.

Glinting in the sun, sat on the windowsill was Anneli’s handmade jewellery from Rosie Willett Designs. Anneli had ordered some custom-made Converse All Stars and thanked her bridesmaids with silver heart-shaped pendants.

Ivory wedding dress photograph on wedding morning
lulworth wedding photographs-004
Wedding Jewellery by Rosie Willett Designs
Bride wedding Hair Styled in mirror on Wedding Morning
In the serenity of the bedroom Anneli’s Kate Walker wedding dress hung still in the sea air. As I was working around the natural light in the room the rare burgundy and silver 1937 Packard Super Eight Sedanca de Ville Town Car from RR Elite (one of our recommended classic wedding car suppliers) arrived outside.

Mother of the Bride Wedding Morning Portrait
With make up and hair now perfected and Anneli still contemplative and calm the bridesmaids helped her into her simple yet stunning wedding dress.

Documentary Wedding Photograph of Bride Preparing
Bride Portrait Photograph at Lulworth Castle Wedding
The bridesmaids departed for Lulworth Castle wedding venue and a still silence fell over Anneli and her mother. I knew better than to interrupt as we waited for the car to return.

Soft Purple Wedding Flowers at Lulworth Castle Wedding
Meanwhile Julian arrived in a Silver Aston Martin at Lulworth Castle and was almost instantly greeting his wedding guests.

Lulworth Castle groom wedding car photograph
Lulworth Castle Wedding Venue In Dorset

We love being Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer as the wedding venue is so full of unusual beauty colour, tone and detail, often overlooked by other wedding photographers.

Julian and Anneli had obviously put a great deal of thought in the design, process and presentation of their wedding. Huge sprays of beautiful blue and purple flowers from Nomads were everywhere, accenting the stone textures of the grand building.

Multi-coloured chalk boards offered the order of the day’s events and there was even a basket of ‘happy tissues’ alongside the confetti cones

Wedding Order Of Day Blackboard at Lulworth Castle
Inside the darkened great hall fairy lights and candles glowed, adding to the atmosphere Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer are able to capture. Julian and his best man stood at the head of the aisle fighting off any nerves with jokes. In time soft music drifted into the hall and the beautiful bridesmaids bearing their gorgeous wedding bouquets walked down the aisle.

Groom and Father of Bride at Lulworth Castle wedding
Groom portrait photograph at Lulworth Castle Wedding
Bride and mother in wedding car at Lulworth Castle
Lulworth Castle wedding photograph
Lulworth Castle wedding photographs wedding car wheel
Personalised Wedding Tissues at Lulworth Castle
Bridesmaids in Lulworth Castle wedding photograph
Lulworth Castle Wedding Ceremony Photographs

I noticed that Julian now looked nervous, if not lost in thought. It was only when Anneli, looking like a British Audrey Hepburn arrived next to him (escorted by her mother) that he broke into an uncontrollable smile.

Bridesmaid in blue dress at Lulworth Castle wedding
Bride & Groom first look at Lulworth Castle wedding
Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographers ceremony
We were treated to a wonderful love filled civil wedding service. The youngest of the bridesmaids bravely conducted a reading and the happy couple were married in front of all of their friends and family. As they signed the marriage register another bridesmaid performed an ethereal flute rendition.

Lulworth Castle wedding flute recital by bridesmaid
Signing the register photograph at Lulworth Castle
Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer

Leaving hand in hand to a standing ovation Julian and Anneli were treated to a drink whilst the guests exited onto Lulworth Castle’s stone staircase outside. The happy couple emerged into the light to be showered with confetti as cheers and applause erupted into the peace of the countryside.

As everyone was gathered on the steps we took the opportunity to shoot the group photographs. Our experience as Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer meant that we could do this with minimum impact on the flow of the day.

As the chaps looked on Anneli threw her bouquet into the mass of ladies gathered for the ‘All the ladies’ photograph. I think the girl who caught it was more surprised than anyone around her!

Lulworth Castle wedding photographers throwing bouquet
Wedding car at Lulworth Castle wedding with male guests
Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographers
Lulworth Castle Wedding Reception

Back into the sunshine of the gardens and the wedding guests were treated to summer drinks and amazing looking (and tasting) canapés served by Nomad catering (now Rabbit and Rose).

There was such a wide variety of lawn games that the guests when not merrily chatting and relaxing were never bored. Swing ball, giant Jenga, Boules, golf and a giant connect four provided the entertainment. The younger guests took the opportunity to let of some steam and race about the lawns whilst others walked about taking in the sea views.

Golf at Lulworth Castle wedding reception
Lulworth Castle wedding guests photograph
Lulworth Castle wedding photographs of guests
Wedding Selfies at Lulworth Castle Wedding
Back inside and Nomad (now Rabbit and Rose) had done an incredible job of preparing the dining hall with Tomas Hardy Novels (of course!) as table place names and more huge sprays of countryside flowers.

Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographers of venue
Book table names Lulworth Castle wedding photographs
Lulworth Castle Wedding Breakfast Photographs

Once wedding breakfast had been called and all of the guests seated Julian and Anneli entered to their second standing ovation of the day- both still beaming from ear to ear.

Nomad (now Rabbit and Rose) wedding catering again outdid themselves with a mouth-watering wedding breakfast and incredible deserts.

The short yet sweet speeches were followed by Julian and Anneli cutting the cake. As a Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer we are used to some unusual cake cutting and the happy couple opted to use a huge sword- which I fittingly photographed stood next to a bulky looking suit of armour.

Even the amazing three-tier Victoria sponge cake had been adorned with fresh fruit and flowers.

Wedding guest by Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographers
Father of bride speech at Lulworth Castle wedding
Victoria sponge wedding cake with flowers and fruit
Cutting Cake Sword Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographers
wedding sweet jars and sign at Lulworth

Lulworth Castle Wedding Evening Photographs

With and interval to enjoy the fruits of the bar and wonder the grounds as the sun set the unmistakable sounds of The Dancing Ledge Caleigh band sound checking echoed through the castle wedding venue.

The MC called everyone in to dance and the swirling, laughing mass of guests increased its frenetic rhythm until everyone (including the band) needed a break. The wedding DJ stepped in for his set and we left the dark hall for the cool air of the Dorset countryside
Barn Dance at Lulworth Castle Wedding
Wedding Barn Dance Photograph at Lulworth Castle
Wedding Guests at Lulworth Castle Wedding Evening
Wedding Dancing Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographers
Bride and Groom Dancing at Lulworth Castle Wedding
Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographers Guest
We feel privileged to be Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer and especially so when we have the opportunity to capture such a lovely wedding day as Julian and Anneli’s.


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