Longleat Engagement Photographs in all weathers!

Yesterday Murray and I spent the day with Ryan and Melissa for their engagement photo shoot. They had chosen one of our most unusual wedding venue locations for their engagement photographs, Longleat Safari Park and House.

Longleat Engagement Photographs In The African Village

African Village Longleat engagement photographs

To start their Longleat engagement photographs we arrived in the ‘African Village’, which was incredibly apt as it was on safari in Africa that Ryan popped the question.

The giraffes and zebra were out feeding and made a fabulous backdrop for some ‘couple photographs’.

Longleat giraffes at engagement photo shoot

Longleat giraffes and zebra from engagment photographs

Longleat Engagement Photographs In The Rain

The weather however had different plans and as we always travel armed with umbrellas the rain didn’t have a chance to dampen the happy couple’s spirits.


Longleat engagement photographs kissing in the rainWith the rain subsiding and sunshine poking through the clouds a walk amongst the lemurs and wallabies saw Ryan and Melissa unable to put each other down. I think it was even obvious to the animals how head over heels in love this wonderful couple are.

Baobab tree at Longleat with happy couple

engagement photo shoot with cowboy hats

Longleat lemurs at engagment photo shoot

Longleat Lemur portrait

Couple walking hand in hand at Longleat

wedding couple laughing at engagment shoot

Longleat Engagement Photographs With The Animals

Back in the car we entered the drive through safari and excitedly talked through their wedding plans.

Longleat engagement photographs drive through safari

Highcliffe Castle wedding venue and The Mirimar Hotel in Bournemouth are fabulous choices of wedding venues but it is the personalization of their big day that really stands out.

Ryan and Melissa are planning to do away with some of the wedding traditions that hold little meaning to them and focus on the coming together of two people in love and their families. Even the number of guests has been carefully thought through to make the day more personal to them.

Monkey Drive through at Longleat

Our conversation was cut short by monkeys jumping on my car and hitching a lift about their enclosure. Further round we were all awestruck at the sight of camels, bison, horned oryx and a herd of white rhino!

Longleat engagement photographs

Longleat Monkey Portrait

Longleat Monkeys in the grass Photograph

White Rhino Photograph at Longleat
Following the road we found ourselves feeding a herd of deer, who at one point I thought they were going to try to get in the car to join the happy couple for their shoot. The couple’s Longleat engagement photographs were certainly turning out to be unique!

Feeding the Deer at Longleat

Longleat Deer feeding in the car

 Longleat Deer Photograph Longleat engagement photographs feeding deer Groom blows kiss to Longleat Deer Bride with Longleat Stag

Longleat Lion sign Longleat sleeping lion Longleat House Marriage Proposal Photographs

By now the midday sun was out in full force, Ryan and Melissa hadn’t let go of each other all day and were still fondly smiling away. We decided a picnic in front of Longleat house would be a great idea. As no one was there to witness the original marriage proposal in Africa, Ryan thought he would try his luck again, after joking a reaction she said of course said yes!

Longleat engagement photographs couple kissing infront of Longleat House

Longleat engagement photographs of picnic

Longleat engagement picnic with books

Longleat engagement photographs of engagement ring & map Longleat engagement photographs in front of Longleat House Longleat House picnic engagement photographs on lawns Longleat engagment photographs with strawberries Longleat marriage proposal photograph Longleat wedding proposal reaction photograph Longleat wedding proposal suprise reaction Engaged couple walk through Longleat grounds Engaged couple jumping with joy at Longleat House

Longleat Engagement Photographs On The Jungle Cruise

After strawberries in the sun we strolled back into the adventure park. Ryan’s green T-shirt worked a weird effect for our green screen photograph and we boarded the Jungle Boat Cruise. Longleat engagement photographs would not be complete without feeding sea lions, getting up close with two huge hippos and coming face to face with Nico, one of the world’s oldest silver back gorillas!

Longleat green screen photo with wedding photographers

Engagment couple at Longleat with Silverback Gorilla

Longleat silverback gorilla portrait

Bride to be portrait at Longleat   Bride and groom to be on Jungle cruise at Longleat Couple in love at Longleat Longleat Hippopotamuses Photograph  I’d imagine that Longleat engagement photographs are about the only ones you will see a dinosaur in!

Longleat Dinosaurs T Rex

Save The Date Photographs

We had enough time to create some ‘Save the Date’ shots for their wedding invites and one of our renowned ‘clone the groom’ images.

Save the date love hearts at Longleat Save the Date Photograph at Longleat on slate love hearts Clone the groom Longleat engagement photographs


The Key To My Heart Photographs

Before we left Melissa produced a tube of bubbles and asked for some ‘couple shots’ in the sun. She then explained the necklace that had caught our eye all day. Glinting in the sun a silver key sat on Melissa’s chest, being the big sweetheart he is Ryan had bought this for her as ‘the key to his heart’.

Engaged couple kissing at Longleat Longleat engagement photographs with bubbles Longleat engagement photographs portrait Key necklace at Longleat engagement photo shoot she has the key to my heart engagment photograph at Longleat


Ryan and Melissa are a genuinely lovely couple who want their big day to be a personal celebration of their love, unconstrained by wedding traditions and located in the visual beauty of Highcliffe Castle and The Mirimar Hotel Bournemouth wedding venues. After their Longleat engagement photographs we can’t wait for their wedding day.

Engaged couple walk through Longleat grounds

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