Intimate Wedding Photography In North Dorset

We were excited to create Charlotte & Seb’s intimate wedding photography in North Dorset. After a COVID postponement and their recent engagement shoot at King Alfred’s tower, Murray and I were chomping at the bit.

Bride and groom kissing wedding couple photograph backlit with low sun against tree

The original plan for a large countryside garden wedding had been stifled by COVID restrictions. A new, exciting plan for a smaller, intimate wedding was created.

We often find that intimate wedding photography has all the moments and emotions of a big day, squeezed into a much smaller package. So feeling energised we headed off in the early morning sunshine with game faces on.

Bridal Preparation Photographs

We found Charlotte, her bridesmaids, parents, and a friend all in a relaxed mood at the family home. Under the watchful eye of the pet cat, they enjoyed a fried breakfast as clouds parted outside.

Black cat family pet photograph watching bridal morning preparations

We are constantly asked about wedding morning food and always advise eating a hearty breakfast before a wedding day. Too many times we have worked with brides who end up feeling weak and wobbly or heavy effects from the first glass of champagne. Charlotte and the girls were doing it the right way, putting away any nerves in place of some nutrition and energy!

We found a wonderful amount of contrast during bridal preparations. The bright sun shafting through windows, illuminating patches of the shaded rooms. Well-lit mirrors on shadowed walls and the colours of decorations and the girl’s silk robes all made for serious eye candy.

Bride sat in chair has wedding makeup styled facing light window Silver and diamond engagement ring shining in light spot on brides lap

Wedding Makeup And Hair Styling

Jemma and Emily MUA and hairstylists from The Little Sanctuary added a physical element to the contrast. When one or two of the girls were free for styling they moved like lightning. With a gap in the timings, they then slowed the pace to prepare for the next in line. They even managed their time to help charlottes mother out with her less than successful application of nail varnish!

Black and white documentary wedding photo of mother of the bride having wedding hair styled Mother of the bride has wedding makeup styled in patio window Close up photograph of light shaft on bronze shine makeup pallet Bride's face reflected in makeup compact mirror Black and white photograph of bridal preparation with makeup artist Mother of bride paints wedding nails on windowsill reflecting trees and bushes Black and white wedding photograph of bride waiting to have wedding makeup styled on wedding morning Mother of bride and wedding makeup artist in silhouette against window painting nails

Next, a range of wedding bouquets arrived from Daisy Delbridge Florists. The Pastel pinks, creams, and yellows punctuated by bright blues and green foliage. Nothing beats the smell of fresh flowers on a wedding morning.

Pink and yellow and blue flowers in green foliage bridal bouquet photo Wedding flower bouquet is reflected in bride and grooms personal artwork glass

As the girls then zoomed about the house happy chatter and morning jokes enhanced the jovial mood. During which the dresses were arranged and then donned when ready. All throughout Charlotte remained the very picture of calm, so happy that her big day had (eventually) come around.

Calm blonde bride has wedding morning hair styled Mirror reflection of bride hair styling with reflection of mother nail painting Mother of the bride hangs dress in window as bride has wedding hair styled from intimate wedding photography Bride has wedding hair styled photo in circular brass framed mirror on blue wall Black and white documentary wedding photo of bridesmaid relaxing on sofa and looking out of window Black and white silhouette photo of mother of the bride having wedding hair sprayed Bride brushes her teeth in bathroom with unusual lighting on wedding morning Black and white wedding photo of bridesmaid holding wedding dress on hanger Mother of the bride in silver floral dress and bridesmaid in pink embroidered dress photo Mother of the bride adjusts earing in circular mirror on blue wall

As with every wedding morning time seemed to fly by. Consequently, in the blink of an eye charlotte had taken herself upstairs to put on her wonderful white wedding dress.

With her suited father, brother, and the girls all now gathered in concentration, she descended then the stairs to applause, gasps, and quite a few tears.

Black and white documentary wedding photo of bride sat on bed watched by laughing bridesmaids Bride in white wedding dress in light at top of staircase Happy bride descends the stairs in white wedding dress on wedding morning watched by parents Bridesmaids and friend emotional reaction to seeing bride descend stairs in wedding dress Brides brother and parents react to seeing her in wedding dress on wedding morning

Outside the sun shone in the shiny blue paintwork of a lovely blue triumph stag as final touches were applied to hair, makeup, and accessories.

Documentary black and white wedding photograph of makeup artist and hair stylist working on the bride Wedding makeup artist and hair stylist tag team bride Bride in white wedding dress looks out of window as she leaves for wedding ceremony

In one swift move, everyone then exited the house. They joined what seemed to be the rest of the neighbourhood to see charlotte and her father off in the wedding car.

Bridal party outside family home surrounds blue triumph stag open top wedding car Father watches bride in open top wedding car outside family home

Groom Preparation Photographs

Meanwhile, four miles away at Charlotte’s parents’ home, the groom preparations had begun. Again a fried morning feast was being enjoyed by Seb and the chaps, this time out in the bright sunshine.

Seb was delighted with his wedding morning gift. A classic Tissot Powermatic wristwatch. It was easy to tell how happy he was to be the groom. He didn’t stop smiling and laughing from this point on.

Laughing groom in blue jumper receives red watch box wedding morning gift

Inside every mirror was utilised as the chaps sorted their cufflinks, hairstyles and tied their wedding ties. The family dogs were even on hand to help out with moral support (and fry up cleaning) where needed!

Laughing groomsman tying pink wedding tie with blue waistcoat on wedding morning Groomsman looks at his reflection in mirror as he ties blue wedding tie

Blue three-piece Ted Baker wedding suits hung inside. Waiting for the chaps to complete their transformation to dapper groomsmen. They then left in the hot sun for the church in a white ribboned red Range Rover.

North Dorset Church Wedding Venue

St Gregory’s church in Marnull is a striking stone building, an ancient wedding venue full of history. We are even told by Dr google that its 15th-century tower has been described as “the finest in the Vale”. The high ceilings, wooden pews, and stained glass windows make for an amazing visual impact. It is the perfect background for intimate wedding photography.

St Gregory's church wedding venue in the sun in Marnull, North Dorset Glowing colours in stained glass church window

The small gathering of masked wedding guests inside was outnumbered by onlookers outside. Seb got to use his new watch to repeatedly check the time.

Black and white photo of nervous groom in COVID mask checking his watch in church wedding venue

Intimate Wedding Photography Of Church Ceremony

The bridal party arrived in style and everyone enjoyed an uplifting church wedding ceremony. Even behind their COVID masks, you could tell that Charlotte and Seb were grinning and laughing as much as with their masks removed. They even tried kissing through their masks a few times.

Bride with bouquet and her father walk to church entranceway Bride in windswept white wedding dress and bridesmaids in pink dresses watched by vicar outside church doorway Bride hand in hand with father meets groom at top of church aisle during wedding ceremony from intimate wedding photography Black and white wedding photograph of bride and father's faces taken through church pew Bride and groom faces shot through wooden pews at church wedding ceremony Father of the bride adjusts his COVID facemask at church wedding ceremony Bride and groom affectionate moment kissing through COVID facemasks in church wedding ceremony

With hymns and readings, the happy couple exchanged rings and vows. They were blessed in front of the altar and left the darkened building into the bright sunshine. Outside a group of family, friends and onlookers congratulated the newlyweds with applause.

Bride and groom pull funny faces whilst holding hands during any objections part of church wedding ceremony Brides free hand lovingly strokes pregnant belly during church wedding ceremony Documentary wedding photograph of bride adjusting COVID mask during church wedding ceremony readings. Intimate wedding photography of wedding party in covid facemasks look at church ceiling during wedding ceremony Black and white photo of bridesmaid in COVID mask watching church wedding ceremony Black and white documentary wedding photo of bride adjusting her veil at church wedding ceremony Documentary intimate wedding photography of bride and groom laughing during ring exchange in church Laughing bride and groom hold hands during church wedding ceremony Bride and groom kneel at the altar for church wedding blessing Bride laughs at brother behind COVID mask whilst groom signs marriage register in church Bride and groom's group of friends take selfie in bright sun outside stone church Bride and groom try kissing through wedding COVID masks whilst signing the register Bride and groom walk down church aisle at COVID safe intimate wedding

We quickly arranged for some group photographs in the shade of the church garden. This gave the guests time to get to the next venue before the bride and groom.

Happy vicar congratulates newlyweds as they prepare to exit church doorway Celebrating bride holds wedding bouquet aloft outside stone church post wedding ceremony Newlyweds bride and groom share passionate kiss outside church doorway Animated groomsmen in blue three pieces suits outside stone church Bridesmaids in pink dresses kiss bride on cheeks outside stone church Laughing bridesmaids remove bug from brides wedding dress outside stone church Black and white backlit bridal portrait photograph with glowing veil Documentary wedding photograph of bride in bright sunlight outside stone church wedding venue in Dorset

Pub Garden Wedding Reception Photographs

A few miles down the road we found the Ship Inn ready to receive the intimate wedding party. A gorgeous traditional stone-built countryside pub again made the perfect venue for intimate wedding photography. The paved garden area had been covered with a side less marque. Countryside flowers and masses of rustic bunting decorated the venue. The look completed by framed images from Charlotte and Seb’s engagement shoot.

The happy couple arrived to cheers from their on-looking guests. They then all enjoyed a champagne drinks reception shaded from the bright sun. Part of creating intimate wedding photography involves moving less and observing more. With fewer guests, the emotional moments are concentrated within a smaller area.

Blue Triumph Stag open top wedding car with white ribbons driving through UK countryside Close up photo of blue triumph stag chrome and badge Blue triumph stag wedding car parked outside ship inn stone pub wedding venue Ship Inn metal pub sign rusting on side of green vine covered pub wall against blue sky Bride and groom walk across road to The Ship Inn pub wedding reception venue Bride and groom arrive at English pub venue to be greeted with champagne Smiling bride and groom in COVID mask exit stone doorway into wedding drinks reception Wedding guests stand under bunting to happily welcome bride and groom to their drinks reception Child wedding guest in blue waistcoat yellow flower on table Groom points and laughs at his engagement photos at pub garden drinks reception Laughing mother of the groom wears blue jacket and white wedding hat portrait photo Black and white wedding photo of guest taking bride and groom photos on mobile phone Intimate wedding photography of groomsman in blue suit kisses bridesmaid in pink dress under wedding marquee bunting Blonde wedding guests laughing and enjoying champagne Mother of the bride and groom animated talking to wedding guests in marquee

Intimate Wedding Breakfast

As any of our followers know Murray and I are “wedding foodies” and the Ship Inn’s reputation for amazing food did not disappoint. Guests were treated to the most amazing looking (and tasting!) canapes and the wedding meal was simply spectacular. Gavin and his staff had closed the pub for the wedding and were so very friendly and attentive.

With happy bellies filled everyone was then treaded to a few words of wisdom from the best man and charlottes father. This was followed by a surprise organised by the bridesmaids. A video collection of wedding messages from the friends and family unable to attend due to COVID restriction. Hearing the sound alone with the sight of the wedding parties’ reactions had Murray and I wedding ourselves.

Bridesmaid in pink dress cries with laughter at wedding breakfast Masses of multi coloured rustic handmade bunting hanging in wedding marquee Brides brother in blue suit and funky wedding tie laughing at wedding breakfast Child wedding guest gives yellow flower to female wedding guests at pub garden intimate wedding breakfast Happy groom shows off his wedding gift watch at wedding breakfast Mother of the bride in red shawl and cream wedding hat under multicoloured wedding buntingIntimate wedding photography of bride groom and wedding guests laughing reactions to wedding messages video Bride and groom laughing and holding hands during wedding breakfast portrait photograph Wedding party laughing as they react to wedding messages video on TV at reception Groomsman in blue suit tells cringing joke under wedding bunting

As the party recovered from a good 20 minutes of belly laughing it was then cake time. Charlotte and Seb cut their wedding cake and were then presented with a tower of personalised wedding cupcakes.

Wedding detail photo of single tier white wedding cake decorated with white roses and green foliage Pink and white patterned icing wedding cupcakes with custom date stamped discs

The pub then opened to the public the guests filtered into the sun of the garden. We stole the happy couple away for a ten-minute walk in the countryside fields over the road.

Wedding Couple Photography

Even with intimate wedding photography, this tends to be the first time that a bride and groom have “time to themselves” on a wedding day. In the low evening sun, Charlotte and Seb then enjoyed some calmer, intimate moments together. They then returned to enjoy the company of their friends and family in the pub garden.

Bride and groom walk through countryside field with nearby houses and low sun Bride and groom kissing in green Dorset countryside field Countryside portrait couple photograph of bride and groom with low sun Backlit bride with glowing veil blowing in wind looks at groom in silhouetteHand made wedding table decoration bottle with flowers and happily ever after ribbon Bride in white dress reflected in laughing wedding guests sun glasses Backlit bride joins wedding party on pub tables under marquee in pub garden

Charlotte and Seb’s story doesn’t end here. Next year when (fingers crossed) restrictions are lifted we have the ‘party and dancing’ section of their celebrations to shoot. It sounds like it will certainly involve less intimate wedding photography!

Dorset Countryside Wedding Photographs With Charlotte & Sebastian

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