Haven Hotel Wedding Photographs in Poole, Dorset

I met Julie and Marc back in August for their sea side engagement photo shoot at the Haven Hotel wedding venue. You may remember them as the fun-loving couple wading about in the sea, completely at ease in front of the camera.

Bridal Preparation Photographs at The Haven Hotel

We recently set out for their Haven Hotel wedding with the sun rising above the Purbeck hills. Driving through some of the UK’s most beautiful coastal countryside and over the chain ferry to Sandbanks. We found Julie and her bridesmaids busy with the wedding morning preparations.

seaside wedding venue The Haven HotelThe most striking aspect of the Haven Hotel wedding venue is its proximity to the sea. That and the stunning views across the water to Studland beach. This vista set a beautifully calm backdrop to the wedding buzz of the girl’s hotel room.

Jess from Model Makeovers (one of our recommended wedding suppliers) taking advantage of the natural soft morning light out on the balcony She expertly styled Julie’s wedding makeup.

Model Makeover makeup at Haven Hotel weddingInside the room Tracy from Brideshair worked her magic. Julie’s bridesmaids whirled around the room, readying themselves for the day ahead.

Wedding shoes with do I crystalsThe staff at the Haven Hotel wedding venue were fantastic. Nothing was too much for them to help with the wedding morning’s preparations.

bride gets into her wedding dress at Haven HotelAs with every wedding morning the readying pace increased. Time started to slip away unnoticed. Maria from Simply flower popped in with her uplifting effervescence to deliver the girl’s stunning pink Gerbera bouquets.

Pink wedding flowers at Haven Hotel WeddingBefore she knew it Julie (looking absolutely stunning) was being laced into her dress and final hair and makeup touches were applied.

Bride preparation at Haven Hotel Wedding Bridesmaid and baby at Haven Hotel wedding in Dorset

Bournemouth Church Wedding Ceremony Photographs

Meanwhile on the other side of Bournemouth in St Johns church, Moordown Marc and his groomsmen arrived to greet the wedding guests. Julie’s wedding morning present to Marc had worked. A ‘quality’ plastic Mickey Mouse watch with the alarm set to remind him to leave the pub helped with his punctuality!

Shortly after Julie’s bridesmaids arrived under the lychgate. A mass of pastel blue beauty a gorgeous Rolls Royce from Prestige wedding cars could be seen driving down the high street.

Bride and bridesmaids arrive at Bournemouth church wedding

Pink ribbons and flowers adorned the church and its grand columns. Moordown, St John’s church was a pleasure to work in for a couple of reasons.

Firstly it is one of the brightest churches we have ever seen. The mixture of natural and bulb lighting allowed not only the guests to see the building and service but allowed us a greater range of options for fantastic wedding photography. Secondly the vicar was extremely helpful when it came to photography.

A Wonderful Church Wedding Ceremony

More often than not we work around a vicar who will tell us horror stories of other wedding photographers getting in the way and interrupting the service. They typically follow with the jaw dropping sentence “so no photographs during the service”. One hell of a challenge as you can imagine. Julie and Marc’s vicar was a refreshing change from this attitude. He allowed us to conduct ourselves with the couple’s wishes in mind, capturing the service beautifully.

The vicar’s personality enhanced that of Julie and Marc. This resulted in a really happy, uplifting wedding service with smiles and laughter throughout. I was used to Julie’s contagious smile which grew and grew throughout the service. I was sure she was going to burst with happiness!

Bournemouth Church wedding serviceAfter a loving kiss newlyweds left through the gorgeous stone entrance way of the church to shower of confetti. They were then ‘mobbed’ their guests, all so very happy for them and desperate to share the love.

Bournemouth Church Wedding Kiss Bournemouth church wedding confetti photograph

Wedding Reception Photographs by The Sea

Julie and Marc enjoyed a coastal seaside drive to the Haven Hotel wedding venue. Their wedding guests had already arrived and were soaking up the sun and sea side views.

You can’t help but think of the timelessness of photographing a classic Rolls Royce outside the classical architecture of the Haven Hotel. Dating the image would almost be impossible.

Haven Hotel wedding photograph with wedding car

A champagne greeting on the red carpet and a quick stroll through the luxurious hotel took us to a private bar area (complete with flip-flops, Pims, champagne and OJ). As the sea lapped against the shore the wedding guests were enjoying canapés, drinks and the stunning views. This was reflected in the volume of happy chatter amongst them.

wedding drinks reception by the sea in Dorset Silver wedding gift love heart locket with family photographs

We speedily organised group wedding photographs on The Haven Hotel’s private beach and after taking Julie and Marc for a ‘time out’ on the sands they greeted all of their guests in a line up for the wedding breakfast.

Weddign photograph at Haven Hotel, Dorset Bride adn groom walk by the sea at Haven Hotel wedding guests on dorset beach

Wedding Breakfast Photographs at The Haven Hotel

The creative table plan hung in wooden boat hull. The sea side theme extended into the Haven Hotel’s huge Purbeck suite. Seaside cut-outs stood for guests to pose with. Children were given buckets and spades with colouring activities. A sandcastle wedding cake and ice cream cone cupcakes from Karen’s Clever Cakes drew the eye from the wedding balloons and magnificent top table.

The lively guests greeted their bride and groom with a rapturous standing ovation. They were then treated to the tasty delights of the Haven Hotel’s renowned chef. A mind-blowing Knickerbocker chocolate layered desert had been specially chosen to wow all.

Wedding guests greet bride during wedding breakfast line upThe wedding speeches provided tears and laughter for all. A vibrant feeling of love flowed throughout the room.

Best man in blue tie gives wedding speech with microphone Portrait of wedding guest at Haven Hotel wedding breakfast

Haven Hotel Wedding Evening Reception Photographs

wedding guests having fun with cartoon sea side head cut out Cuttign the cake at the Haven Hotel

Again The Haven Hotel wedding Staff were exceptional. They opened up the room to reveal a lit dance floor and Party Dexx wedding DJ along with a wedding casino from Absolute Fun Casino in the private bar area.

Julie and Marc gracefully swirled about the disco lighting for their first dance surrounded by their on looking friends and family.

Haven-Hotel-Wedding-25 First Dance at Haven Hotel weddingThe evening guests arrived to find chocolate fountain from Chocolate Fountains of Dorset set up. The nights passionate gambling began.

As a last surprise for Julie the happy couple popped up to their room for a ten minute break. From the balcony Marc pointed out her new convertible car in the car park complete with personalised number plates

Wedding chocolate fountain table set up with fairy lights infront of dark curtain Casino at Haven Hotel Wedding Roulette table at Haven Hotel

We left guests chatting away in the Haven Hotel’s Purbeck suite They boogied on the dance floor or gambling away in the bar all assured of one fantastic wedding evening.

You can see what Julie and Marc think of our all inclusive wedding photography services in their Haven Hotel Wedding Photographers Review.


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