Durlston Country Park Engagement Photos

Easter Monday saw bright cloudy skies on the Jurassic coast. As Dorset wedding photographers we could not think of anywhere else we would rather be than in the open countryside, by the sea to create some Durlston Country Park Engagement Photos

Zoya and JP arrived in their typically chirpy spirits with their amazing looking Chow Chow dog called Rum.

Bride to be hides face in husband to be's chest with chow chow dog and lighthouse at Durslton engagement photo shoot
Coastal engagement photo shoot with chow chow dog at Durlston Head, Dorset

We took them for a walk along the coastal footpath around Durlston Castle Wedding Venue and made our way down towards the light house. We all talked about their soon approaching wedding and the various elements that they have been planning. Obviously, we don’t want to give too much away about the day itself but every will be in for a fun packed, rum packed day of merriment at their Lulworth Castle wedding.

To start with they were a little hesitant about having their photographs taken (whilst controlling Rum!). They soon relaxed into the situation. One of the benefits of the location for Durlston Country Park Engagement Photos is how easy it is to become engrossed with the beautiful surroundings.

Engagement photo shoot couple kiss by the sea with dog
Bride to be walking on coastal path at Dorset engagement photo shoot with husband to be and dog

As we all walked along the chalk path the sunlight kept popping out from behind the clouds. This created dramatic skies over the sea, highlighting the yellow flowers of the gorse bushes.

Bride and groom portrait photograph at Coastal engagement photo shoot with yellow gorse flowers
Durlston Country Park Engagement Photos couple pull funny faces at each other in front of yellow gorse flowers

After passing Tilly Whim caves we made the climb up towards Durlston head and back to the cars. With the sun now high we all agreed that we needed to re/hydrate at the local watering hole.

Ammonite fossil in rock at Durlston Country Park engagement photo shoot

A Pint in the Sun

Back in their ‘natural environment’ at the pub Zoya and JP were able to relax further over a well-earned drink. We sat in the sun’s rays and continued to chat about Zoya and JP’s big day. Looking at their picture of the hag do we are in for a visually incredible wedding.

Bride and Groom joking with each other at Dorset pub engagement photo shoot
Wedding couple laughing on wooden bench at Dorset pub engagement photo shoot

You can see Zoya & JP’s amazing pirate themed wedding photographs at Lulworth Castle wedding venue here

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