Durlston Castle Wedding Photography In Dorset

This last weekend was the first that weddings had taken place at Durlston Castle. As a local I closely watched the progress of the 18th century castle’s restoration for a couple of years. As a wedding photographer I was excited about the prospect of creating some Durlston Castle wedding photography. This weekend my dream came true.

Durlston Castle Wedding Bridal Preparation Photography

Julia’s family home stands on the hill overlooking Swanage and its beaches.  One hell of a backdrop for wedding morning preparations.

Wedding dress hangs in window on Durlston Castle wedding morning

Even in her morning rollers, I could tell that Julia was going to be a stunning bride. Her huge heart-warming smile remained throughout the day. Julia’s bridesmaids were busy having their hair perfectly styled by Elke from Amazing Face (one of our recommended Dorset wedding suppliers) when Jess from Model Makeovers arrived. As usual, Jess was on top form. See our blog review wedding MUA services. Within a matter of minutes, the girls were looked like models from a wedding magazine!

Bridesmaid portrait on morning of Durlston Castle Wedding Photography

The light in the room was a wedding photographer’s dream. It shafted in from skylights and windows, creating halos and light spots throughout the room. The girls next exchanged gifts and prepared for the big day ahead. Proceedings were helped along with lashings of tea, coffee and champagne.

Bride and mother chat on wedding morning in Swanage, Dorset

As Julia was helped into her dress the beautiful white Rolls Royce arrived on the drive. The bridesmaids then departed for church. This gave Julia some alone time with her father. A period in the day when a bride will ordinarily start to look a little nervous or excited weepy. Julia, on the other hand now looked a mix of beautifully ecstatic and incredibly happy.

Bride has trumpet wedding dress adjusted by bridesmaids

Durlston Castle Wedding Groom Preparation Photography

Now to say that Julia was well organised would be an understatement. We had been given an incredibly detailed schedule of the day. The Chaps spent the morning preparing the breakfast room at Durlston castle with their own guides, instructions and maps. They diligently arranged homemade bunting, flags, table decorations and the table plan.

Groom and groomsmen prepare Durlston Castle for Seaside wedding

The stunning sea-side themed cake and wedding flowers were created from scratch. The Bride’s father made a ‘beach hut’ wedding card box. What fantastic details to include in Durlston Castle wedding photography.

Seaside wedding cake is prepared with edible sea shells

Sea Side themed wedding card beach house

After a couple of pints to calm the nerves the chaps headed to St Edward’s Church in Swanage where Julia shortly arrived in style.

Groom at Pines Hotel Bar in Swanage, Dorset on wedding morning

Best man at Pines Hotel Swanage wedding morning

Bride laughs with vicar at church wedding ceremony in Swanage, Dorset

Bride waits at church wedding ceremony in Swanage, Dorset

Dorset Church Wedding Ceremony Photography

The lovely wedding ceremony took place with songs and readings from friends. This was followed by quick confetti throwing in the high winds of the church garden.

Grrom waits as bride walks down church aisle at Swanage wedding ceremony

Church wedding ceremony in Swanage, Dorset

First kiss at church wedding ceremony in Swanage, Dorset

Dorset Seaside Couple Wedding Photography

Now as the church itself has sea views we thought it wise to pop to the seafront and stone pier for a couple of photographs of the newlyweds. This also gave Julia & Julian a little ‘time out’ to relax whilst their guests made their way to Durlston Castle.

Bride and Groom Portrait at Durlston Castle Wedding Photography

Swanage clock tower beach wedding photography in Dorset

Durlston Castle Wedding Reception Photography

Despite the wind, the wedding venue looked stunning as you can see from the Durlston Castle wedding photography. The restoration of the building is visually amazing. Polly Smith from Blue Bay events had worked her socks off to create the perfect wedding venue.

The drinks reception took place in the conservatory. Right at the top of the castle, it has incredible panoramic views over the Dorset coast and nearby Peveril point.

Drinks Reception at Durlston Castle Wedding Photography

The sky had started to darken a little. We quickly organised the group Durlston Castle wedding photographs outside the front of the castle.

I have quite a habit of climbing towers, scaling ladders, chairs, vans etc. in order to gain the perfect angle for group photographs. This wedding was no exception. I ended up jumping up a wall (camera in hand) and leaping from gate post to gate post. Quite scary for me but very entertained the wedding party!

Mother of bride at Durlston Castle Wedding Photography

Throwing the wedding bouquet Durlston Castle Wedding Photography

Durlston Castle Wedding Photography of bride and groom

Durlston Castle Wedding Breakfast Photography

The Wedding breakfast took place in Durlston Castle’s gallery space. This opens out to create a huge, beautifully lit room with views over the sea. Perfect for the beach theme and perfect for Durlston Castle wedding photographs. The gallery is equipped with a corner bar, dance floor and panoramic sun-terrace.

Wedding cake with sea shells at Durlston Castle wedding

Now the wedding food deserves a mention. As you know, we are well experienced in the delights of wedding food. The catering at Durlston Castle wedding photography is fabulous. It was incredibly well organised and super tasty.

After that, we were treated to side-splitting wedding speeches(including a slide show presentation (Julian won’t be forgetting in a while). The wedding cake was then cut and the wedding band ‘Howling at the Moon’ set up for the first dance.

Groom's wedding speech from Durlston Castle Wedding Photography

Durlston Castle Wedding Photography of groom's parents

Durlston Castle Wedding Evening Photography

As Julia and Julian swirled about the dance floor we realised that Julia had literally been smiling or laughing all day. She was the happiest bride we have ever seen.

We couldn’t work out if it was the infectious fun nature of this pair that had transferred onto their guests or they had equally as fun-loving friends and family. Next, an entire table of Jager-bombs was lined up (and promptly emptied) as we were busy pondering this. We left the party happily dancing away to the band playing Julia’s own requested playlist.

First Dance at Durlston Castle Wedding Photography

A stunning day for some stunning Durlston Castle wedding photographs. You can see what Julian and Julia think of our Dorset wedding photography services in their Dorset Wedding Photographer Review.

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