Durdledoor Engagement Photographs with Dorset Wedding Photographers

On a scorcher of a day we headed round the coast to meet Anneli & Julian for their Durdledoor engagement photographs just a stone’s throw away from their chosen Lulworth Castle wedding venue.Durdledoor engagement photographs-ViewThis iconic limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast has featured not only on many a photograph and painting but music video and movie.

Durdledoor engagement photographs clifftopToday it looked particularly spectacular as the sea was tinted an amazing light blue with limestone wash off. This type of colour you only see in adverts for white tropical beaches

Durdledoor engagement photographs ArchThe bright sun added a layer of colour saturation rarely seen in this country. You could have easily been mistaken for thinking were in sunnier climbs.

Durdledoor engagement photographs-diggingAnneli & Julian were in great spirits. We merrily chatted about exciting plans for their Lulworth Castle Wedding later in the year. Both lovers of the great outdoors, with dog in tow the coastal path was the perfect location to start their shoot.

Durdledoor engagement photographs DogFrom the off the guys were pretty relaxed in front of the camera.

Durdledoor engagement photographs-clifftop hugWe distracted them from the novelty of a photo-shoot experience by focussing on their dog for a ‘clone the dog’ shot under the Durdledoor arch.

Durdledoor engagement photographs-Clone the dog

Durdledoor engagement photographs-sat on the beach A walk along the beach away from the crowds provided a less self-conscious experience.  We could then naturally capture Anneli & Julian together and playing in the surf.

Durdledoor engagement photographs-Running further away

Durdledoor engagement photographs-Running away

Dog by the sea

engagment photoshoot with dog and cave

Engagement couple play in the waves

Durdledoor engagement photographs couple

Durdledoor engagement photographs-Walking towards the archFootprints in sand Durdledoor engagement

Durdledoor photographs-Walking along the beach

Kiss by the sea Durdledoor engagement photos

We can’t wait to work with these guys again at their Lulworth Castle wedding. I can’t help think that the visual experience of the beach will provide another day that will stick in their minds for years to come.


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