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I really don’t know where to start when writing about Murray Lambert’s wedding day to accompany these wedding photographers wedding photographs. The planning started immediately after his New York wedding proposal.

Will you? - New York City marriage proposal Photographs

The next ten months were filled with lists, research, meetings etc. Friends had even designed a New York inspired wedding logo for the lucky couple.

Natalie and Murray are well known in the local area. Thus the guest list of over 400 people wasn’t entirely unexpected. We found ourselves saying if anyone wanted a quiet night in Swanage they should choose Murray’s wedding day.

Natalie and Murray had chosen a field in a friend’s farm for their wedding reception. At a previous Swanage wedding I had flown over this stunning location in a helicopter. Unfortunately strong winds whipped along the valley a couple of nights before the big day. I remember driving along the sea front and seeing a marquee from the Purbeck Outdoor Weekend in pieces across the road and thinking “I hope Murray’s Marquee is OK”. It wasn’t, it was beyond repair – panic set in, family and friend rallied around and a replacement marquee was found at short notice. Big love to Western Marquees – without them these wedding photographers wedding photographs wouldn’t have been possible

Natalie and Murray not only had the advantage of a huge group of family and friends when it came to wedding planning but Murray has years of experience of weddings and wedding suppliers under his belt. Each wedding supplier they chose with an expert eye.

Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs of Wedding Morning Preparations

Finally after months of planning and anticipation the big day came round. I joined Natalie in a friend’s apartment next to the beach as she was having her wedding hair styled.

Bride has wedding hair styled in mirror on Swanage wedding morning in Dorset

Cool as a cucumber she joked about the day ahead as her bridesmaid joined her for the first champagne toast of the day. In such a good mood she literally bounced up the road to her parents’ house.

Along with cards, presents, bunting and wedding signs the house was decorated with Natalie and Murray’s family photographs. I was relieved to see Kat and Ed from KE Wedding Films (one of our recommended wedding suppliers), with whom I would be working as part of a team. Murray had his own camera to capture groom coverage but he was definitely not working today.

Natalie’s family were in high spirits and as they buzzed about the house readying themselves I found the calming sight of Natalie’s gorgeous white detailed wedding dress hanging serenely in an upstairs window.

Bride reaches for wedding dress hanging in window during bridal preparations

Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs of Groom Preparations

With a little time to kill Kat, Ed and I headed over to Murray’s family home where he had just returned from a muddy bike ride with friends. Without any signs of nerves he took some time out to practice his speech in the sunshine of the garden.

Wedding guests after groom's wedding morning bike ride enjoy a cup of tea Dorset Wedding Photographer practices grooms speech on wedding morning

Dorset Wedding Photographers order of service with New York themed logo

Upstairs in the living room his blue three-piece Ben Sherman suit hung from a cupboard. Murray’s mother is a fantastic seamstress. I had been amazed over the last few months as she skilfully created a bobbin lace garter for Natalie from nothing but threads. She had also lined Murry’s wedding suit with a Liverpool FC  home kit. On that theme Natalie had sent a card and gifts to Murray – Liverpool FC boxer shorts!

Dorset Wedding Photographer has Liverpool FC kit sewn into lining of suit jacket Dorset Wedding Photographer receives Liverpool FC underwear on wedding morning

Along with his blue and brown Goodwin Smith brogues Murray had chosen ties and pocket squares from Mrs Bow Tie and finished his dapper look with his grandfather’s gold sword cufflinks and watch.

Dorset Wedding Photographer's shoes and wedding accessories on leather table Dorset Wedding Photographer looks contemplative as he buttons shirt on wedding morning Grooms golden sword cufflinks from Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Photos

His best men arrived and started stripping so we quickly moved on.

Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs of Bridal Preparations

Back across town Cat Mutter Wedding Make up Artist had arrived and was busy working her magic in the conservatory. As Natalie’s parents and brother prepared for the day ahead Natalie opened her present from Murray. He scored some serious husband points with a pair of peacock themed designer flip-flops from Kate Spade.

Bride and bridesmaid laugh during bridal make up on wedding morning in Swanage Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs of bridal make-up near Dorset countryside Mother of the bride laughing during wedding morning bridal preparations in Dorset Bride's father and brother prepare for wedding day in Swanage, Dorset Bride in silk dressing gown receives designer flip flops wedding present from groom

Time flew by and before she knew it Natalie was being helped into her wedding dress. Natalie’s two gorgeous bridesmaids  wore pale blue bridesmaid’s dresses. They wonderfully complimented the beautiful wedding flowers from Andre Turner Florist.

Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs of bridesmaid on wedding morning Gorgeous pastel countryside flowers wedding bouquet with pink and cream roses

Natalie looked breath-taking, as her bridesmaids buttoned her in she looked into the mirror and bit her lip with nerves and emotion. She then looked at me and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen – the world was right again and I fought back the urge to tear up.

Bride is buttoned into wedding dress by her bridesmaids on wedding morning

She had this effect on every man in the house. As she descended the stairs her father cried with joy and her brothers eyes welled up too.

Father of the bride cries after seeing bride in wedding dress for the first time Bride's brother's first look from Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs

Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs of Wedding Ceremony

In Swanage town by the sea wedding guests were arriving at St Edward’s church. A small crowd was also gathering outside, to get a glimpse of the bride and groom. I was asked by so many passers-by if there was someone famous getting married.

Swanage Catholic church from Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs Swanage Catholic church with countryside flowers for Dorset wedding ceremony

The church was filled, literally to the rafters, Father Paul said he had never seen it so full! The bridesmaids and Natalie’s mother arrived in a lovely little classic motor from Purbeck Wedding Cars.

Mother of the bride and bridesmaids are dropped off by classic red and black wedding car

I have never seen Murray looking nervous. With hundreds of weddings experience I wasn’t expecting the heavy breathing and deep thought on his face. Natalie arrived in a classic wedding car, to applause from the crowds now gathered outside the church.

Dorset Wedding Photographer takes a deep breath in church before wedding ceremony Classic wedding car drives from sea to Swanage church wedding in Dorset Bride with father arrives at Swanage church with Dorset breezer bus in background

Wedding guests were treated to a Catholic wedding ceremony with readings from friends. I have never heard a church as loud as the noise that erupted when the happy couple kissed for the first time as husband and wife. During the signing of the register Emma Fidler entertained with her incredible singing skills to “All Of Me” by John Legend.

Dorset Wedding Photographer deals with nerves as his bride enters the church Bride is walked down the aisle from Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs Bride's first look at Dorset Wedding Photographer at wedding ceremony in Swanage Dorset Wedding Photographer looks into camera during church wedding ceremony Dorset Wedding Photographer's first kiss at church wedding ceremony in Swanage, Dorset Groomsmen in blue suits laugh during Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding ceremony Weddign guest in floral dress sings at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding ceremony

Wicker basket of confetti cones at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding

Natalie and Murray exited through the congratulatory crowd inside the church to face the crowd gathered outside. After taking time to greet their guests they then had to run the gauntlet of confetti.

Dorset Wedding Photographer exits church wedding ceremony celebrates with bride

Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs by the Sea

The entire wedding party walked down the hill to the sea front onto the Banjo pier for couple and group shots overlooking the sea. Warmed by bright sunshine it seemed odd to witness the huge dark clouds and rain on the horizon.

Bride walks onto Swanage Stone pier overlooking the sea with epic rain clouds Bride and groom on Swanage stone pier with pole and rain clouds over the sea

While guests departed for the reception venue we travelled up to a local Woodhenge for some couple photographs in the sunshine.

Dorset Wedding Photographer drinks champagne from the bottle in wedding car with bride Classic wedding cars in Dorset countryside next to wooden henge Bride in white wedding dress walks to wood henge in Dorset countryside Wedding photographer groom and bride kiss in woodhenge in Dorset countryside Dorset Wedding Photographer and bride embrace in wooden henge in Dorset countryside

Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs of Wedding Reception

The wedding reception site, in Kingston, Dorset looked more like a festival than a wedding. Two stunning wedding tipis from Coastal Tents (one of our recommended wedding suppliers) and the wedding marquee sat atop of the hill with views across Corfe valley, over Corfe Castle one way and Isle of Wight another. In addition a posh toilet from Luxury Little Rooms stood ready for the evening ahead.

Classic red and black wedding car overlooks view of Corfe Castle Dorset Wedding Isle of Wight view with epic clouds at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding day

The newlyweds arrived to rapturous applauds from the gathered guests.

Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding venue with guests welcoming bride and groom Bride and groom arrive at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding reception venue

As rain came in guests sheltered in the warmth of the tipi for a drinks reception. Murray’s Liverpool FC themed bar with Carraghers (a New York Liverpool pub) sign, Moonlight Beer from Hattie Browns (the best brewery in the world) and cocktails. Guests were treated to the sounds of Number 12 Band. Natalie being at teacher naturally had a large number of children at the wedding. They flocked to her to sing and dance with the band.

Dorset Wedding Photographer's Liverpool FC themed bar in Wedding tipi in Dorset

Child wedding guests play in band at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding tipi Bride and children wedding guests sing and dance to music in wedding tipi

Chris Piercy Wedding Magician (one of our recommended wedding suppliers) extraordinaire, astonished guests with his magic skills and general dashing good looks.

Chris Piercy astonished bride with wedding magic in Dorset wedding tipi Wedding guests enjoy drinks reception in deck chairs in wedding tipi in Dorset

Meanwhile the huge marquee had been set up with giant New York themed table plan, bar, stage, lighting and DJ booth, overseen by a giant wedding logo. All under bunting hand-made by Murray’s mother and Natalie’s friend Nic.  Tables displayed more beautiful wedding flowers from Andre Turner. Sharon James from L’Artishe Gallery had made table name signs that looked like New York Street signs embedded in road surface! A four tier New York skyline wedding cake by Iced Gems of Swanage had pride of place in the middle of the marquee, topped off with the couple’s logo.

Dorset Wedding Photographer's large Wedding Marquee setup with bunting Wedding Photographer's huge new york themed map and road sign wedding table plan Dorset Wedding Photographers New york themed wedding table name sign Dorset Wedding Photographer's table flowers in watering can on log slice Drink sign made from artificial grass with bunting at Marquee wedding in Dorset Dorset Wedding Photographers 4 tier new york skyline themed wedding cake

Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs of Wedding Breakfast

Rain subsided while the happy guests were called into marquee for wedding breakfast. Cherry Catering were (as always) amazing and the hog roast from Paul Lowden from Wilkswood Farm had a satisfied silence fall over the space. Outside children had their own mini marquee full of toys, books, games and bubble wands (although the adults seem to have sequestered these).

Dorset Wedding Photographer and bride enter wedding breakfast marquee to applause Chris Piercy wedding magician at Dorset Wedding Photographers marquee Wedding Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding marquee with bunting and large number of guests Mother of bride and bridesmaid in front of Dorset Wedding Photographers wedding logo Best man in blue waistcoat laughing outside marquee at Swanage wedding in Dorset Wedding guest makes bubbles with bubble wand at countryside wedding reception Wedding guest walks with twin children in Dorset countryside at Swanage Wedding Best man and son in box tie at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding reception Wedding magician Chris Piercy entertains at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Child wedding guest is wowed by Chris Piercy wedding magician at tipi wedding in Dorset Best man looks nervous before making speech at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding

Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs of Wedding Speeches

With bellies full we were then treated to wedding speeches. Natalie’s father’s speech included singing from a family friend and pretty much everyone in the marquee getting teary eyed.

Young wedding guests sings to bride and groom during father of the bride speech Father of the bride holds hands with bride and groom during wedding speech

The tension was broken by Murray himself. He delivered his speech without barely flinching. I had no idea he was such an entertaining public speaker or could even be actually funny. He even suggested that I should be paying him as he was at a wedding. I had previously snuck a look at his speech and handed him his P45!

Dorset Wedding Photographer makes speech at his own wedding in marquee

Murray handed over to his best man, who was immediately interrupted by the DJ playing Electric Six’s ‘Gay Bar’.

Best man dances to 'Gay Bar' by Electric Six at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding

Murray’s three best men shared the humour, tradition and sentiment of speeches. Consequently guests were cheering, crying, laughing or applauding throughout.

Best man reads from speech cue cards at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Dorset Wedding Photographer groom and bride react to best man's speech Wedding DJ laughs at best man's speech at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Best man's wedding speech in marquee at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Groom pulls strange face and points during best man's speech in wedding marquee

Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs of Evening Reception

Before the sun dimmed too far we had a chance to shoot some group shots with the countryside views. The evening guests started to arrive. They just kept coming, and coming, adding to the festival feel. Yes it did feel like all of Swanage was in attendance.

Bride with Dorset countryside at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Best man and groom get punched in the balls by other best man in Dorset countryside Corfe Castle view from Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding photographs Dorset Wedding Photographer kisses his bride in Dorset countryside Dorset Wedding Photographer's Wedding Photograph with bride in Dorset countryside Stylish wedding guest outside wedding tipi at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding

Fiery Fox Wood Fired Pizza filled the starry night air with the most amazing smells. Guests soon discovered that their pizzas tasted even better than they smelt.

Wedding Photographers Wedding Photographs of Evening Entertainment

Back in the marquee Rick from Stage Light and Sound had run his final checks. DJ Angelo from Swanage Snack Bar knocked out a wonderful selection of tunes as adults lost to their children in ‘dance offs’ under fairy and disco lighting. Thank you to Marco Marquees for supplying the dance floor.

Wedding guests laugh as they loose a dance off with children at marquee wedding disco Wedding guest in fascinator dances in disco lights at Dorset wedding photographers wedding Wedding guests jive dance in wedding marquee evening reception in Dorset

Natalie & Murray made their way to the dance floor though what was now about 400 people for their first dance. They looked spectacular swirling about in front of so many friends and family.

Look of love between bride and groom during first dance in wedding marquee Groom twirls bride during wedding first dance in wedding marquee in Dorset Dorset Wedding Photographers First dance from marquee Wedding Photographs Dorset Wedding Photographer groom calls guests onto marquee dancefloor

They were shortly joined by the crowd and Sway Allstars Orchestra band started their amazing performance. For the rest of the night Sway All Stars and DJ Angelo kept the dance floor (and most of the rest of the marquee) dancing away. Fire pits were lit in the tipi. Guests sat about laughing and chatting on the straw bales, deck chairs and pallet wood furniture available.

Sway Allstars wedding band singer on stage at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding Sway Allstars lead singer at Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding evening reception Sway Allstars wedding band play to huge wedding crowd in wedding marquee Beautiful blonde wedding guest under pink and blue disco lights at wedding evening reception Star lit night sky with wedding tipi from Dorset Wedding Photographers Wedding

Natalie and Murry’s wedding has to be one of the largest I have worked in Dorset. Even though he was in attendance I missed his presence behind the camera. Technically I didn’t shoot this day on my own I have to thank Kat and Ed, Murray and our camera savvy friends for substituting for him throughout the day. There are a thousand reasons to hire two wedding photographers for your big day which can be found on our photographers questions page. Murray and I are still recovering from his spectacular wedding.


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