Dorset Barn Wedding Photographs at Stockbridge Farm Barn

Becky and Chris are the funky and fun-loving couple we captured a few months back in their woodland engagement photographs. Today was their Dorset Barn wedding day and I couldn’t have been more excited. You can see more of our Stockbridge Farm Barn wedding photographs or read our Stockbridge Farm Barn wedding photographers wedding venue review.

Sherborne Wedding Morning Preparation Photographs

For the morning of the wedding, they had hired some gorgeous apartments in the middle of Sherborne. They overlooked the hustle and bustle of the cobbled high street markets. Inside the old stone and timber building, I found Becky, her mother and sister happily gearing up for the throes of wedding morning preparation. The sun brightened the room, illuminating Becky’s beautiful wedding dress hanging in the window.

As the girls merrily styled each others hair in what looked a little like a production line in front of a full-length mirror I had some time to capture some of the unique details in the room.

Sherborne wedding morning photograph Bridal preparations on Sherborne Dorset wedding morning

The bridesmaids looked stunning in their pleated green dresses, which complimented their white lily bouquets beautifully. Becky was helped into her dress and gave us all an enthusiastic twirl with a huge grin on her face. Quite right too. She looked breath-taking in her fishtail dress with gorgeous detail extending upwards from the lace train.

The final bridesmaids arrived at one of those wonderful wedding scenes I have the pleasure of capturing. Delivering the tiniest of flower girls who was quickly dressed and ready to go. There was one last thing to do before departing. Becky through fully gave gifts of beautiful jewellery to all of her girls.

Wedding dress in Sherborne window Sherborne bride in white wedding dress

Dorset Groom Preparation Photographs

Across the hallway Chris, his groomsmen and family were in the advanced stages of preparation. For chaps, this is typically when they have managed to get their clothes on. Having met Chris previously I wasn’t too surprised at just how dapper they all looked in their three-piece suits.

In an odd ritual, they seemed to be dressing each other in their green ties and white lily buttonholes. I think it was their way of utilising Chris’s eye for detail.

Black and white groom portrait sherborne Wedding groom

Dorset Barn Wedding Ceremony Photographs

I don’t like to keep harping on about what an incredible Dorset Barn wedding venue Stockbridge Farm Barn is but it is. The owner Cherry is one of the most professional, passionate and lovely people we have ever met!

The chaps were inside busy arranging the final touches. Having a look around I could see an eye for detail had been carefully cast over the entire venue. A floral love heart sign hung on the huge, wooden door, celebratory bunting, love hearts and ivy hung as far as the eye could see. Fairy lights were delicately knitted amongst the ancient beams gave an ethereal feel to the place. Huge picture frames (with snaps from the happy couples past) stood welcoming in the doorway.

As the wedding guests arrived in the glorious sunshine and settled themselves into the barn the bridesmaids waited expectantly outside. Becky arrived in style in her father’s red convertible MG.

Inside the beautiful medieval barn, the wedding party was treated to an almost fairy tale wedding ceremony full of smiles and laughter under the glow of the fairy lights.

red wedding sports car at Stockbridge Farm Barn Dorset Barn Wedding

hand made wedding card Dorset barn wedding service Dorset Barn Wedding first kiss

Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding Reception Photographs

Now with permanently huge grins on their faces, Becky and Chris led their guests back outside into the warming sun under a blue sky. This contrasted the red ceramic tiles of the barn’s huge roof wonderfully.

With hugs and kisses all around the happily chatting and joking crowd were treated to a drinks reception with canapés. This allowed me to capture the moments from afar. The guests too, were happy and far too involved in their laughter to notice a photographer- perfect!

I noticed that the best men no longer seemed to be part of the group and found that they had snuck off to practice their hilarious speeches in one of the farm’s fields. Cherry was kind enough to allow us access to her beautiful garden. So I took Becky and Chris for a quick walk to capture some images of just the two of them before working through their group photographs in the sunshine.

Dorset Barn Wedding guests Flower girls hugging at Guests hug at Dorset Barn Wedding bride portrait with wall background Groomsmen making fun of groom photograph at Stockbridge Barn Guests hug at Dorset Barn Wedding Bride and father at Guests hug at Dorset Barn Wedding wedding guests at Stockbridge Farm Barn Dorset Wedding

Wedding Breakfast Photographs at a Dorset Barn Venue

After a few more drinks, hugs and jokes the call to wedding breakfast sounded. The happy couple entered to a riotous round of applause. I have to commend the catering service from Vineys Catering as they worked as professionally and conscientiously as any wedding caterer I have met. I could hear the guests applauding their efforts after every course – always a good sign!

Dorset Barn Wedding Photograph

After the meal was done the well-fed guests were treated to one of the best-stocked bars I have ever seen. It even supplied Asahi on tap. Inside the main room, a variety of cakes filled a serving table. Becky and Chris ceremoniously cut one. I witnessed Becky transform from graceful to scary once she realised just quite the size of the knife she was using!

Chocolate wedding cake Dorset Crazy wedding cake cutting

Dorset Barn Photographs of Wedding Speeches

Once the tables were cleared and glasses charged it was time for the speeches. They turned out not only to include some planned hilarity but also side-splitting improvisation. Chris couldn’t contain the laughter any longer, especially when confronted with the best men’s slide show of embarrassing and probably forgotten memories of the past.

Father of bride speech Dorset Barn Wedding wedding speech reactions Dorset barn Grooms speech Barn WeddingDorset Barn Wedding speech videogrooms waistcoat detail

Stockbridge Barn Wedding Evening Reception Photographs

As the light outside the Dorset barn wedding faded into the sunset it perfectly matched the inner glow of the barn. The numerous members of Fat Cat Soul Party Band set up their lighting rig and instruments.

Surrounded by on one side by their family and friends and on the other by the musicians Becky and Chris excitedly twirled about the dance floor for their first dance. I have heard the band before and knew that they would keep the party going all night long.

fat cat soul band barn wedding First dance kiss Dorset Barn Wedding Stockbridge farm barn wedding first dance Barn Wedding in Dorset first dance wedding guest child with pipe and guitarwedding guest dancing at Dorset Barn

As the guests’ lively dance moves became more ‘advanced’ I left the Dorset barn wedding with a huge grin on my face. Not before Becky and Chris grabbed me for a big hug and I couldn’t help take a picture of Chris’ incredible evening waistcoat!

Barn Wedding Photograph (32)

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