Countryside Themed Wedding Photographs in Tenbury Wells

Linda and Al had simple yet effective wedding plans for their big day and their countryside wedding photographs. Well it certainly worked out.

They had planned a completely unique countryside wedding. They had a friend on hand to help out with every different aspect of the day. A truly personal countryside themed wedding.

Georgian House Morning Preparations

There was a buzz about the Georgian country house that Linda and Al call home early on their wedding morning. Family and friends had already set up a marquee. The local pub had provided a fully furnished bar and Paisley Flour Catering had set up a catering tent.

Paisley Flour Wedding Catering at Countryside Wedding
Multi coloured wedding roses on Countryside Wedding morning

As Linda prepared the days music, her mother and sister ran from A to B with flowers and table settings.  Al was busy constructing shelves for some of Victorian antiques collection as his father set up the hog roast. I had to admire Al’s practical thinking as he merrily nailed antique signs to the wall with the back of a drill!

Child wedding guest portrait photograph on wedding morning
Best man preparation at Countryside Wedding Photographs

Whilst shooting the proceedings I found it hard not to join the busy group of friends. In between taking countryside wedding photographs found myself strimming grass, painting walls, cutting wood and putting up signs. Of course the most important job on a wedding morning fell to me. i proudly made the sausage sandwiches!

The warm sunny weather enhanced the stunning countryside views across Malvern’s. More than a couple of times that morning I had my breath taken away by my surroundings. Which were being increasing beautified with wedding bunting, wedding flowers and lighting as I worked.

Countryside Wedding fowers - pink roses with gypsophila

Linda and Al’s friend Dom arrived looking almost as smart as his Range Rover. After an attentive polish was then ribboned for its transportation duties.

As the mornings preparations developed, drinks and food were prepared. Wedding suits were donned, hair styled and makeup applied. The best men were to be found surrounded by children, hidden away, practising their speeches in the kids tent.

Black and white portrait photograph of groomsman on wedding morning

Documentary Bridal Preparation Photographs

With a hint of nervous excitement Linda put on her wedding dress. She looked absolutely stunning and couldn’t help but radiate joy. An antique pistol in her garter served as a surprise for Al later in the day! Not your typical countryside wedding photographs!

Countryside Wedding dress detail Photograph

Bride adds wedding ear rings on wedding morning
Gun in wedding garter with pearls
Bride puts on wedding shoes with gun in wedding garter
Bride in white wedding dress excited to see her friend on wedding morning

Bride wears wedding sunglasses on Countryside Wedding morning
Pink and Blue Countryside Wedding flower bouquets
Bride with pink rose wedding bouquet at Countryside Wedding Photograph

Tenbury Wells Pump Rooms Wedding Ceremony Photographs

Dom’s magnificent wedding car rode through the stunning Malvern Hills. Arriving at Tenbury Wells Pump rooms in time for the ceremony. This blue and cream ‘Chinese Gothic’ venue is a surprising mixture of novel and beautiful architecture. It played host to a ceremony as full of laughs as it was tears of joy.

Wedding guest jokes with white beard stole
Bridesmaid in blue bridesmaids dress at Tenbury Wells Wedding ceremony
Bride and groom enter Tenbury Wells Wedding ceremony at The Pump Rooms
Groom smiles during Tenbury Wells Pump Rooms Wedding Ceremony
Bride and groom hold hands during countryside wedding ceremony
Exchange of rings at Tnebury Wells Pump Rooms wedding ceremony
Bride and groom hug at Tenbury Wells Pump Rooms wedding ceremony
Child wedding guest portrait at Countryside Wedding
Bride and Groom leave Tenbury Wells Pump Rooms wedding ceremony
Single pink rose head on white wedding dress at Countryside Wedding
Bride and groom portrait outside Tenbury Wells Pump Room wedding venue
Bride and groom kiss outside Tenbury Wells Pump Rooms wedding venue
Flower girl portrait photograph with wedding bouquet

Countryside Themed Wedding Couple Photographs

On the way back to the countryside wedding reception I had spied a cornfield atop of a hill. The epic countryside panorama and leading lines made it the perfect choice for truly countryside wedding photographs.  For some unknown reason, Linda and Al seemed desperate to have some countryside wedding photographs with a stationary combine harvester!

Bride and groom kiss with combine harvester, Countryside Wedding Photographs

Next stop (of course!) was the local pub for a quick pint of the local brew and a game of pool before returning home!

Countryside Themed Wedding Speeches Photographs

The outdoor wedding reception that followed had such a spectacular visual to it. I sometimes had to remind myself that it wasn’t a dream. Now enjoying champagne, the guests sat in a semi-circle. The hilarious wedding speeches were given against the stunning view across the countryside and surrounding hills.

Bride laughs at Groom's speech at Countryside Wedding
Best Mans speech at Countryside Wedding Photograph
Bride is shocked by Best man's speech at Countryside Wedding speeches
Countryside Wedding Speeches at home in country house gardens
Groom in comedy moustache at Countryside Wedding Speeches
Wedding guest laughs at wedding speeches at Countryside Wedding
Bride and groom hold hands under table during wedding speeches

Countryside Themed Wedding Reception

The spectacular (homemade!) yellow wedding cake was cut and the bar opened. I took a moment away from the wedding party to capture some images of the house and grounds. I could not help feel the happiness of the day as I viewed the scene from afar.

Wedding catering menu blackboard at Countryside Wedding
Wedding guest with red hair at Countryside Wedding Photographs
Countryside Wedding at bride and grooms house with marquee
Flower girl on wooden bridge at Countryside Wedding Photographs
Wedding guests walk in countryside field at Countryside Wedding
Flower girl randomly hides in a box at Countryside Wedding

The children were being entertained in their own tent. Kites were (not so successfully) flown, delicious food was served and the laughter and chatter resonated around the garden.

Documentary Evening Reception Photos

As the sun dropped behind the treeline the scene dramatically changed. Candles were lit on every table. The country house and surrounding trees were lit with coloured floodlights. The fire pit began to hiss and crackle away amongst a merry circle of guests.

Wedding guest at Countryside Wedding evening drinks reception
Wedding guests joking at Countryside Wedding evening reception

The evening’s entertainment in the marquee began. Some of Linda and Al’s very talented friends taking to the stage with a guitar and microphone. The guests were now in the dancing mood and the stunning voice and tunes of Dave Small saw the dance floor fill. A spontaneous group gathering occurred as Linda and Al were beckoned to the stage for a serenade. After a couple of minutes, friends and family all joined them singing away in a merry group. Suddenly I felt as if I was part of a heart-warming film!

Home Countryside Wedding Venue uplit in blue at night
Countryside Wedding musician singing evening reception entertainment
Wedding musician plays guitar and sings at Countryside Wedding
Bride and groom are serenaded at their Countryside Wedding
Bride and groom under spotlight at Countryside Wedding evening reception

The next surprise I witnessed was a group of the guests disappearing down the field with some of the largest fireworks I have ever seen. This included a ship to shore parachute flare. Perfect for countryside wedding photographs and no better way to celebrate a marriage!

As the night grew darker the smaller and older guests quietly left for their beds. The fire bunt down to embers and the festivities moved to the local village hall. Here some more friends had set up a huge sound system, equipped with lighting, smoke machines and lasers. The guests danced away the rest of the night under a clear starry sky.

Wedding DJ's black and white turntable at countryside wedding venue
Countryside Wedding Dancing with lazers
Cricket club wedding cenue at night with stars

A remarkable countryside wedding all put together by the hard work of the bride and their family and friends. I found it truly inspirational that common love of such a wonderful couple could achieve so much.

You can see what Linda and Al thought of our wedding photography services in their Countryside Wedding Photographers Review.

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