Countryside Themed Wedding Photographs in Dorset with Kerry and James

Working as wedding photographers Rose and I love the beautiful Dorset countryside it is perfect for a countryside themed wedding. There is no better place to have your wedding; The rolling hills, stunning villages and the gorgeous patchwork farms all add to the beauty of the landscape.

A recent Saturday morning we arrived to a warm welcome at Kerry’s family Farm in Leigh, Dorset. The countryside themed wedding morning preparations were warming up as hair and makeup was excellently styled.

James had scored some serious brownie points with a heartfelt letter that brought tears from all of the bridal party. Despite the gloomy weather forecast the soft bright light was side lighting the dining room beautifully.

Even the family’s dogs were excited about the day ahead and as the bridesmaids, her mother and flower girls whirled around her Kerry exuded nervous excitement.

Kerry’s brothers arrived and promptly saw to the contents of the fridge. They transformed into suited ushers and quickly learned to tie wedding cravats. I noticed one of them enjoying a moment of calm amongst the chaos to read ‘Farmers Weekly’.

Kerry was helped into her beautifully detailed dress as her bridesmaid had her final touches to her hair.The girls were so efficient we even had some time to take some photographs of the bridal party in the garden with Kerry’s pet ponies (who had just returned from their wedding morning grooming!)

Outside the house Kerry’s uncle and father were carefully preparing the wedding car, even taking great care to style wedding flowers on the jaguar parcel shelf. As the silver Jag slowly cruised through the rolling countryside I noticed a subtle change to the iconic Dorset road signs with a convincing addition pointing to ‘James and Kerry’.

Wedding morning preparation at countryside themed wedding

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Meanwhile James and the chaps were busy getting ready at Little Barwick House, Yeovil. Suiting and booting themselves, preening hair, tying ties and organising their buttonholes. Waiting for James next to the wedding rings sat a removable steering wheel. This fit the lovely British racing green and yellow Super 7 parked outside. With just enough time for a read through of the wedding speeches they left for the church in style.

St Andrews Church in Leigh is a beautiful stone building set against a countryside backdrop. An ideal location for a countryside themed wedding. Under the porch entrance archway the chaps greeted the guests and took their positions at the front, waiting for Kerry to arrive.

countryside themed wedding-026

countryside themed wedding-029


countryside themed wedding-036


The ceremony was a wonderful mixture of humour and tradition, with Kerry and James beaming throughout. Despite the weather forecast for rain the sun was clearly out to stay. Add this together the love of marriage with the surprise of her pet ponies waiting outside the church and Kerry’s joyous reaction was incredible.

As the church bells rang guests congratulated the happy couple in the sunshine. Adding the steering wheel to Super 7 Kerry and James left through the village in a fluttering multi-coloured cloud of confetti.

countryside themed wedding-037

countryside themed wedding-038


countryside themed wedding-039
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We had a quick stop off at the family farm to take some photographs of Kerry and James. No countryside themed wedding would be complete without photographs in the straw barn and cow field. I then followed the wedding party onto Stockbridge Farm Barn.

countryside themed wedding-044

We love working at Stockbridge Farm Barn, it is one of Dorset’s finest wedding barn venues and a great choice for a countryside themed wedding. Since our last visit the owner Cherry Wiloughby has made some illuminating additions which are perfect for us wedding photographers.

The guests were enjoying the drinks reception against the backdrop of the barn and we were pleased to see that wedding caterer extraordinaire ‘The Foodie Queen’ (one of our recommended wedding catering suppliers) was serving the canapé’s.


countryside themed wedding-049

countryside themed wedding-046

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countryside themed wedding-047

countryside themed wedding-048

Inside the barn the new fairy lights added an ethereal canopy to the intricate wooden beams. The seating plans hung on a line as guests examined it and took their seats. Again Heather Slack (The Foodie Queen) and her team did not disappoint. The food and service was superb.

Each table had a designated ‘carver’ who performed their duties on the beef main wearing a chef’s hat and apron.

The speeches from friends and family were hilarious and (a problem experienced by all attentive wedding photographers) when the best men started I had to breath deep to avoid camera shake from laughing.

countryside themed wedding-054

countryside themed wedding-051

countryside themed wedding-052

countryside themed wedding-050


As the sun set into a deep blue and orange on the countryside themed wedding the bar opened. Kerry and James cut their cake. The DJ started the evening’s entertainment. Kerry and James set the tone for the evening with the first dance.

countryside themed wedding-053

countryside themed wedding-056

countryside themed wedding-055

We left as the stars shone down on the beautifully lit barn, the bar and dance floor full of the wedding guests partying the night away. You can see our Stockbridge Farm Barn Wedding Photographers review here and other Stockbridge Farm Barn wedding photographs here


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