Country Wedding Photographs in Dorset

We have been looking forward to Eliza and Nicholas’ (better known as Liza and Crabbie) country wedding for what seems like ages. We have been keeping abreast of the plans and even received a gorgeous handmade invitation and map!

Documentary Bridal Preparation Photographs

So the big day came around. It could be described as a ‘happy rustic country wedding in the Purbeck sun’. I arrived at Liza’s beautiful family home ‘Crab Apple Cottage’ in the village of Langton Matravers. The girls were all merrily in the final stages of wedding morning preparation.

country weddin gphotographs if ivory detailed wedding dress
Liza’s bridesmaids looked absolutely stunning in their matching floral print dresses. Before she knew it Liza was stepping into her wedding dress.

wedding dress detail photograph
Bridesmaids admire bride in wedding dress
Downstairs she literally took her parents breath away. Now almost floating in swathes of fine detailed ivory gown. Now I think it is fair to describe Liza as ‘naturally smiley’ but today was different. I don’t think I have ever seen such a huge smile naturally stay on someone’s face for an entire day. Liza was literally beaming with love!

Dorset Wedding Flowers Photographs

The wedding flowers arrived. The gorgeous Victoria from Bloom Florists had yet again outdone herself. Liza had asked for simple yet ‘country themed wedding flowers’. As you can see from the country wedding photographs the bouquets were incredible.

The bridesmaids gave a wonderful present of a ‘Liza and Crabbie’ photo book. This was the perfect accompaniment to a couple of glasses of celebratory champagne. We still had time for photographs in the flower garden and playing with the dog before heading to the church.

bride with photo book gift on wedding morning
Bride's sister documentary photograph in Mirror
Country wedding photographs flowers by Bloom Florist
country wedding photographs of bride in flower garden
Country wedding photographs fower garden bride plays with dog
Groom preparation

Meanwhile, Murray started the day as most country weddings start, with the groom in the village pub. Crabbie and the chaps had nestled into the cool shade in The Kings Arms in Langton Matravers. Fortunately we were dressed in waist coats and soon found out that all of the groom’s party matched our own!

The button holes from Bloom Florists arrived in the bar. Crabbie was joyfully showing off his new pocket watch. Murray loved working with the high contrast natural light and lines available in the intimate space of the pub. The results are incredible.

Groom and groomsmen in pub on wedding morning
Pocket watch wedding gift for groom
Crabbie and the chaps walked over the road to St George’s church to welcome guests. Titch from ‘The Black Sheep Band’ and a friend entertained with their musical stylings as the gorgeous country church filled.
beautiful wedding guests arrive at Country wedding
Best man portrait with groom looking at pocket watch
wedding guest portrait in country church

The well-lit church was overflowing with amazing flowers also from Bloom wedding Florists. The floral smells, colours, music and sounds of happy guests mixed together in a sensory moment of happiness.

A country church wedding service

Liza was walked down the aisle with tears of joy in her eyes and smiles on the faces of her guests. I was able to position myself behind the choir stalls as Murray captured moments from the back and sides of church. Yet another advantage of using two wedding photographers is that we can capture multiple angles in a quiet church without having to move.

Bride blows kiss with bridesmaids outside country church
Bride walks down the aisle at Country Church Wedding

Liza’s mother’s choir entertained the guests with some soulful singing. Readings were heard from both Mothers and the vicar gave a sermon involving Toblerone. The rings were exchanged and the first kiss was met with rapturous applauds.

Exchange of rings photograph at Church wedding
Guests applaud bride and groom wedding service
English country church wedding service
Bride and groom leave english stone church wedding
Bride and groom in church doorway in Langton Matravers
Outside the church, the couple left to a shower of confetti and yet more applause. In the baking sunshine we organised a few country wedding photographs of the guests. The happy couple were clapped up the village road in a horse-drawn carriage (supplied by Purbeck Horse and Wagon). Nothing works in country wedding photographs like a horse-drawn carriage!

Confetti at country church wedding in Dorset
Country wedding photographs of Horse and Cart
A Square and Compass wedding reception

At The Square and Compass (the world’s best pub) in Worth Matravers, Liza and Nick were welcomed by their guests. Country wedding photographs would not be complete without the couple arriving in equine style against the country backdrop of rolling green hills and blue sea. They looked like a picture from a rural fairy-tale.

Guests enjoyed a drinks reception in the stone-walled garden through a flower archway (tended to by Bloom Florists). Inside the candy striped marquee an array of tasty looking food was being presented by Emily and her team from Love Cake Catering. The mere sight of some of the dishes (baba ganoush being my all-time favourite food!) had my stomach rumbling. The rest of the marquee was laid out with wooden benches, flowers in jars, wicker love hearts and straw bales. A truly local country affair!

Grumpy looking wedding guest with pink flowers
Even Kevin the ‘grumpy pub manager’ was having a wonderful time!
wedding honeymoon destination sign
Country wedding guest in berret
elderly wedding guests portrait
In the corner sat a cake made from cheese wheels with Crabbie’s home made chutneys. Flowers and bunting hung from the ceiling. The table plan stood prominent ready to greet the entering guests.

Once the guests had seated we could appreciate how many local faces were in attendance. Everyone so very happy and animated. Liza and Crabbie entered to a standing ovation. The three speeches were so unexpectedly well delivered that the audience was in stitches. We were able to capture some truly spectacular reaction shots.

wedding guests look at wedding table plan
bride and groom enter country wedding marquee
Bride portrait at country wedding top table with wicker love hearts
Wedding guest portrait on top table
country wedding photographs of wedding speeches
Baby at country wedding with father in waist jacket
black and white wedding photograph of guests
Country wedding photographs of groom's speech
Wedding guests laugh at wedding speeches
Dorset Wedding Catering Photographs

I feel I should mention the food, not just because we ate the meal and it tasted amazing. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of catering companies. We see exactly how they work and taste their food. We would rate Love Cake Catering as amongst our favourite wedding caterers. You can tell by my waist line that I am a ‘foodie’ and Emily and her team go above and beyond. This was no exception.

country wedding table flowers and butterfly name place
Home made sloe gin bottle at countryside wedding

Wedding food Salmon
Country Wedding Photographs at a Wood Henge in Dorset

After a mouth-watering dessert we took the opportunity to steal the happy couple away to a field owned by the ever colourful landlord, Charlie. Across the road stood a huge, glorious wooden henge overlooking the coast line. This has to make Liza and Crabbie’s wedding the most unique that we have ever heard of.

We worked in a ‘clone the groom’ shot and were able to capture the newly weds together alone for the first time in the day. The sun silhouetted them beautifully against the timber structure. Certainly the most unusual country wedding photographs.

country wedding photographs at Woodhenge
Wedding couple kiss in woodhenge
Documentary Photographs of Wedding Entertainment

Back over the road, the marquee had been turned around ready for the evening’s entertainment. The Black Sheep Band provided the knee bouncing music for the barn dance. Instructions were called out for the dancing guests whose numbers had swelled. It was pretty easy to differentiate between the experienced and less experience barn dancers!

The fast motion and lack of light provides its own challenge for photographers. Fortunately we have decades of experience working in these conditions. We like to test out new methods and equipment in low light scenarios with our experimental photography. Then we incorporate the procedures that work well into our wedding photography. Staying away from intrusive flash photography is one of our priorities. We like to use whatever light is available in these scenarios.

country wedding photographs of Wedding Barn Dance
country wedding photographs of Barn dance at wedding in marquee
Wedding barn dance, Dorset country wedding photographs
Wedding guest barn dancing
country wedding photographs of Groom at wedding barn dance
wedding guest portrait with bunting and festoon lights
Country wedding barn dance
Gorgeous wedding guests barn dancing
wedding guests hug at country wedding reception
The final performance of the evening was from the adrenaline fuelled John Langan Band. Their brand of “high energy, unhinged, and musically extravagant tunes” raised the roof. The marquee was abuzz with fast paced, frenetic dancing.

wedding guests dance to John Langham Band
Wedding guest in red dress dancing in country marquee
wedding guests hug and laugh on wedding evening
Outside a calm had settled over the garden. If you listened carefully in the moonlight you could hear the waves lapping at the cliffs down the valley. This was the perfect time to capture the glow of festoon lighting and the marquee itself.

country wedding photographs of glowing wedding marquee at night
Feeling the need to dance on very weary feet we left with bellies full of tasty food, cameras full of beautiful wedding photographs and huge smiles on our faces.


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