Corfe Castle Photographs at Rob and Naomi’s Engagement Photos

We loved Rob and Naomi’s choice of Corfe Castle for their engagement shoot. Repeatedly photographed by local landscape photographs this stunning building is underutilised as a spectacular venue for engagement and Corfe Castle photographs alike.

Described by the current owners, The National Trust as “one of Britain’s most iconic and evocative survivors of the English Civil War” the castle was left in ruins in 1646 by the Parliamentarians.

Standing above the village of the same name, the Grade I listed building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument was opened to the public and in 2010.

We met Rob and Naomi outside the main gates and it was immediately apparent that they were a little nervous in front of the camera.

Corfe castle, ruined castle wedding venue in Dorset
Why book an Engagement Photo Shoot?

One of the reasons we recommend an engagement shoot for couples before their big day is to build confidence in front of and familiarity with the camera if needed.
engagment photograph at Corfe Castle in Dorset
Why Use Two Wedding Photographers?

One of the many advantages of using two wedding photographers is that one of us can distract the couple (typically Murray) whilst the other taking photographs. Before they knew it they were becoming comfortable with camera and have a set of photographs of them laughing and naturally relaxing into their Corfe Castle photographs.

On a subjective level we incorporate basic psychological techniques to achieve ‘natural photography’. Sometimes if Murray or I are seen to act naturally in front of the camera ourselves, then that is enough to encourage the couple to follow suit. Of course our jokes and light hearted attitude to engagement photo shoots works wonders too.
Corfe Castle engagement couple photographs
Corfe Castle view at Dorset engagment photo shoot
Murray focussed on Rob and Naomi interacting as a couple and has a fantastic knack of developing ‘off the cuff’ ideas for stunning images. At this shoot I found myself focussing on element incorporation, capturing the couple along with the facets provided by Corfe Castle. These included; the view, the steam train, the textures, colour, shapes, lines and lighting of the stone structure.

corfe castle engagment photo shoot couple
Corfe Castle enagement photo shoot in Dorset
Naomi and Rob were a fantastic couple to capture, understanding and elaborating on our ideas for images, they really got into the flow of the shoot.
engagment couple at Corfe castle, Dorset
black and white engagment photographs
bride and groom to be at Corfe Castle in Dorset
engagement photographs at Corfe Castle, Dorset
It is an incredibly satisfying feeling when you meet a couple who to begin with are anxious about having their photograph taken and end up not worrying about the camera. This process yields such beautifully natural images as you can see in their Corfe Castle photographs.
Engagment couple photograph in Corfe Castle, Dorset
engagment couple against Purbeck stone backdrop
Bride and groom to be at Corfe Castle in Dorset
Corfe Castle, Dorset engagment photographs
Corfe Castle ruins engagment photographs venue
Wedding couple to be in Corfe Castle
Corfe Castle photographs of engaged couple
We can’t wait to photograph their big day in one of our favourite wedding venues in Sherborne, The Eastbury Hotel. This is to be proceeded by a wedding service at St Peter’s Church, Stourton Caundle, a picturesque countryside stone church wedding venue. Naomi and Rob are now more than prepared for wedding photographs on their big day and also have this stunning set of engagement photographs to treasure forever.

You can see Naomi and Rob’s Eastbury Hotel Wedding Photographs here


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