Christchurch Engagement Photographs With Julia & Paul

cloned couple on Christchurch Harbour Hotel Wedding TerraceJulia and Paul are quite simply good fun. We met on an overcast afternoon at Christchurch Harbour Hotel in Dorset to go over their exciting wedding plans and create some Christchurch engagement photographs.

black and white wedding photograph at Christchurch Harbour Hotel

Christchurch Harbour Hotel Wedding Venue

Christchurch Harbour Hotel wedding venue is a beautiful. Originally a large regency home it has been expanded over the years. Many of the regency features restored to their original glory. Large, light and detailed rooms and a huge sun terrace and gardens overlook the harbour. Brides and grooms are spoiled with stunning backdrops.

Pre wedding photo shoot at Christchurch Harbour Hotel wedding venue

The Advantages of Engagement Photographs

We recommend an engagement shoot to any of our bride and grooms to be as the session has many advantages.

Firstly its a great excuse to get to know the couple better, their likes and dislikes and how they see and feel about their wedding day.

Secondly it helps a wedding couple understand how we work. We avoid postured posing and pre-prescribed lighting set ups and work unobtrusively with the natural flow of the environment and event.

Finally a pre wedding shoot helps a couple become familiar with us as photographers and relax in front of the camera.The feel of a session is much less formal than that of a typical wedding and there are fewer people watching!

Bride and groom to be having a laugh at Christchurch Harbour Hotel, Dorset

I Hate Having My Photograph Taken!

Julia and Paul are at the opposite ends of the spectrum when having their photograph taken.

Paul loves it, he is a natural in front of the camera. Julia, well Julia simply hates it! When a bride tells me that she is not keen on having her picture taken I like to be able to work out why and build up from there. In this case I don’t think Julia had ever had any stunning images taken of her and was feeling a little self-conscious.

pre wedding photography kiss Christchurch Harbour Hotel, DorsetFortunately I dispelled her worries fairly quickly. I realised what a thoroughly fun couple Julia and Paul are. Our meeting and shoot were full of jokes and japes- I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Wedding photography laughter at Christchurch Harbour Hotel, DorsetSometimes a combination of comedy and not overtly taking the situation seriously can help bring about natural emotions in front of the camera. Cracking a joke about not ever having used a camera before whist setting up for a technically difficult shot is all par for the course and achieves the perfect result.

Christchurch Harbour Hotel, Dorset wedding photographs pre wedding shoot

No Posing on Engagement Photo Shoot

Instead of “can you put your foot our like this and look over there” we like to ask “can you please walk over there and wait for me- I’ll be along in a minute”. The couple are much less aware of you pointing a camera at them. Much more likely to take the time to have a hug or kiss.

wedding photography of bride and groom to be on jetty at Christchurch Harbourpre wedding portrait at Christchurch Harbour Hotel, wedding venue, DorsetAs you can see from the images Julia and Paul had a fun time with their Christchurch engagement photographs. Hopefully Julia’s faith in how she looks in photographs has been restored.

Bride and groom on bench in the gardens at Christchurch Harbour Hotel I loved the fun couples plans for the day, simple but beautiful. All against the backdrop of the luxury Christchurch Harbour Hotel. You can see Julia and Paul’s Christchurch Harbour Hotel Wedding Photographs here.