Castle Wedding Venue Dorset Photographs

The history of our recent bride and groom’s wedding at Durlston Castle wedding venue Dorset reads a bit like a fairy tale. Firstly Cat and Donald were at school together many moons ago (she’s not really that old!). Second, they gone out and experienced the big wide world on their own separate paths before finally they again met. To conclude, they are such a sweet couple and over the past six months have organised their own fairy-tale Castle Wedding Venue Dorset.

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Dorset Bridal Preparation Photographs

I was surprised again with another sunny Saturday morning. Arriving at Cat’s parents’ house I couldn’t help but admire the mass of colourful flowers planted around the building. The man responsible (Cat’s father) was busy transforming the family VW camper van ‘Trevor’ ready for his wedding duties with flowers lace and ribbons galore.

Concealed in the back room of the house Cat was having her hair styled as her dress hung illuminated in the window. This gave the room a wonderful soft glow and even before her makeup had been added I could see that Cat would make one hell of a beautiful fairy-tale bride.

Glowing A line wedding dress in window with soft toys Pastel colours wedding bouquetCat’s mother had finished inflating wedding balloons and was now busily writing her speech for the wedding breakfast. Meanwhile Cat’s Bridesmaids arrived and whizzed about the house helping cat and each other get ready. Before I knew it they had all donned their lovely blue dresses and were waiting to see their bride in her wedding dress. After that Cat emerged with flowers crowning the veil in her hair. Her stunning dress fit beautifully, the train sweeping in behind.

Blonde bride with pearl has veil added on wedding morning detailed lace wedding shoes on mirrorBride looks at wedding campervan decorationsMeanwhile, further into Swanage town Donald and his family were at the Purbeck House Hotel. This was the perfect location for pictures of the relaxed preparation with family groups in the garden. As Donald’s family are of Scottish origins many of them were bravely kilted up for the day ahead.

Groom reads letter from wife to be on wedding morning Kilted wedding party at Purbeck House Hotel in DorsetBack at Cat’s parents Trevor came into play, transporting the bridal party to St Mark’s church in Swanage.

Swanage Church Wedding Ceremony Photographs

I have to say that the Vicar was fantastic. He allowed us to take the best possible photographs of the service. A well-lit church makes all of the difference to the visuals of a wedding. The sun was streaming through the stained glass windows directly onto the flowers and paper butterflies that adored the pews.

Groom checks his watch at Dorset church wedding ceremonyNext Donald’s father had written a wonderful poem and Cat’s mother read from the bible.

Bride with veil walked up the aisle at Swanage church wedding Bride laughing at Church wedding service in Swanage, Dorset Bridal portrait photograph taken at Church Wedding service in Dorset Grooms sock detail photograph Bride and groom smiling as they leave Swanage church wedding serviceAfter tears, laughs and loving, honouring and obeying ‘within reason’ we were back out into the full summer sun. In the church yard the guests were accompanied by hand bell ringers. Next a mass of colourful confetti floated down onto the happy couple. We arranged a few of the smaller groups as the guests mingled and then made their way up to the Castle Wedding Venue Dorset.

Colourful wedding confetti a swanage church weddingI then had a quarter of an hour with Cat and Donald relaxing back in the sunny grounds of the Purbeck House hotel. In addition, the views back over Swanage, the Purbeck hills and the sea made a fantastic backdrop for photographs.

Bride and groom in silhouette at Purbeck House Hotel

Castle Wedding Venue, Dorset Photographs

Meanwhile their guests had all arrived at Durlston Castle Wedding Venue Dorset (one of our favourite local venues). The drinks reception was in full swing. Wedding guests were enjoying the breath-taking panoramic views from the roof terrace. I joined Cat and Donald for a walk down to the huge Victorian stone globe at Durlston Castle wedding venue Dorset.

Bride and Groom at Durlston Castle Wedding venue Dorset

Bride and groom kiss by the sea at Durlston Castle Stone GlobeWe returned to the restaurant in perfect time for the bride and groom to be announced into wedding breakfast.

Durlston Castle Wedding Breakfast Photographs

As the wedding breakfast began I took some time to think about the detail that had gone into the day. The combination of thistle, ivy and pine cone decorations and buttonholes represented the joining of the two Gaelic families. Cat had hand-made her place names and had even had their own sticks of rock made for the guests.

Personalised Wedding stick of rockBunches of pastel wedding flowers sat in Victorian bird-cages adorned with butterflies. Huge flower displays from the church framed the top table.

Wedding flowers in birdcagePolly Smith from blue bay events had out done herself again. She organised everything perfectly. The chaps from Seventh Wave catering created such tasty dishes that there appeared to be clean plates going back into the kitchens!

The emotional ups and downs of the speeches were heart-warming. Much to his relief Donald’s best men were very reserved with the amount of embarrassment included.

Wedding guest at Durlston Castle wedding breakfastLou from Iced Gems of Swanage had created such a fantastic wedding cake. This was adorned with edible flowers and characters of the bride and groom.

Bride and Groom on wedding cake with icing flowersAfter the cake cutting the guests then had a break. Within which they enjoyed the castle and grounds, rested, relaxed and re-energized for the evening reception.

Group photographs at Durlston Castle wedding venue DorsetWe joined Cat and Donald at Peveril point. This beautiful promontory overlooks Swanage bay. To the north-east sit Harry’s rocks and the Isle of Wight. Durlston Castle wedding venue Dorset and headland sit to the west.

Bride and groom with wedding signpost for Durlston Castle wedding venue Bride and groom sat on bench with blue sky Bride and groom shilouette agains amazing sky at Durslton Castle WeddingIt was great to work with such a relaxed couple. They were truly enjoying sharing a moment of their Durlston Castle wedding venue Dorset day alone. Immersed in the stunning scenery of the Jurassic coast.

Bride and groom look out over sea at Durlston Castle WeddingDurlston Castle Wedding Evening Reception Photographs

Polly and her team had set up decorated tables, a bar and a dance floor in the lower exhibition room. As the evening guests arrived at the Castle wedding venue Dorset the setting sun changed the sea views. A ethereal combination of soft pinks and turquoise blues painted the sky. Shortly after the drinks flowed and the happy chatter and laughter of guests filled the room. Next a meat and cheese buffet was served.

child wedding guests on wooden steps at Durlston Castle Wedding

Durslton Castle wedding photograph inside and outAs a final personal touch one of Cat’s close friends sang their first dance. After that, we witnessed what can only be described as an explosion of dance moves, encouraged by Donald himself. I never imagined the Cat’s dad would be such a funky mover!

onethousandwords-034(4)Flowergirl dancing at Durlston Castle weddingFrom the outside the castle was silhouetted against a starry sky with the glow if the dance floor lights reaching out to sea. We then left the Durlston Castle wedding venue Dorset out into the evening.

With the huge grins on our faces that only wedding photographers with a job well done could have.