Bournemouth Engagement Photographs

After last month’s wedding in Warwickshire it was wonderful to get back to taking photographs around the south coast, and after our last rainy wedding photographs in Bournemouth we were glad to see the sun shining. As wedding photographers in Bournemouth we love an excuse to get out with a camera and head to Bournemouth beach for Kristy & Adam’s Bournemouth engagement photographs.

So as you know the sun came out in dramatic style over the Bank Holiday weekend and Bournemouth had a heat induced buzz about the place. We met up with Kristy and Adam who were down for the weekend doing all things wedding and had a lazy coffee in the sun catching up on wedding plans.

Bournemouth Engagment photo shoot
Engagement photographs in Bournemouth Beach Gardens

A walk through Bournemouth Beach Gardens found us amongst the hustle and bustle of the Bournemouth beach life. A view point above the gardens outside the Pavilion allowed the guys some time alone to catch their bearings. That day we worked around the masses, the hustle and the bustle in order produce some more ‘intimate’ shots of the couple together for their Bournemouth Engagement Photographs.

We decided that a slightly calmer location would suit our lovely couple better and headed for the pier.

Bournemouth Pier Photographs

Happy wedding couple on Bournemouth Pier

We had such a giggle, Kristy and Adam were ‘naturals’ in front of the camera, all smiles and laughter. More than a couple of times Adam had me creased up with laughter pulling a ridiculous pose.

Bournemouth Engagment photographs by the sea

Bournemouth engagment photographs silhouettes
pre - wedding photographs on Bournemouth pier
Bournemouth Pier engagement photographs
Engagment Photo- shoot on Bournemouth Pier
Seaside engagement photo shoot on Bournemouth Pier
Engaged couple walk down Bournemouth pier

We often say to couples who are relaxed with the camera- “lets try some images here- trust me”. Then pointing at some unlikely location such as a rusty corrugated steel wall or a pile of railway sleepers. More often than not these unusual locations provide stunning results. This time away from the crowds of ‘sun seekers’ on the beach in the shade of the pier itself.

Engagment photographs beneith Bournemouth Pier
Bournemouth Engagement photograph under pier
wedding couple under Bournemouth Pier

We can’t wait to work with Kristy and Adam on their wedding day. These Bournemouth Engagement Photographs not only helped get them used to being in front of the camera. It really gave us an idea of how best to work with them.

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