Twas a sunny but chilly spring morning as we headed for the Village of West Knighton near Dorchester for Victoria & Karl’s Athelhampton House wedding photographs. Tom was photographing at Victoria’s parents’ home while I was a short distance away at the New Inn.

Documentary Bridal Preparation Photographs

Victoria, her bridesmaids and close family we in such a relaxed fun mood - perfect for wedding morning preparations. As hair and makeup was being styled the laughter and bubbles flowed. The bedroom was covered in wedding details, from charm bracelets to a rather lovely pair of L.K.Bennett x Jenny Packham shoes. In the cool shade of downstairs Tom found the stunning array of wedding flowers from West Dorset Wedding Flowers.

Hairspray hangs in a sun ray during bridal wedding morning preparations
West Dorset wedding flowers pastel blue pink and white bridal flower bouquets
Beautiful pastel pink, white and blue wedding flower bouquet photograph
Documentary Bridal Preparation Photograph of Laughing Bridesmaid Hair Styling

Upstairs Victoria’s stunning wedding dress (from Wedding Time) hung in the window, glowing in the sunlight. The beautiful bridesmaids donned their pale blue dresses and darker shawls and helped with the two flower girls. After which it was time for Victoria to get into her dress (superman would have been proud of her speedy change!). The final act was to button up the lace decorated back of the dress.

Detail photograph of lace detail on white wedding dress
Bridesmaids in silk gowns laughing during bridal morning wedding preparations
Wedding Makeup is Styled under Circle Light during Bridal Morning Preparations
Happy bride has wedding hair styled in mirror watched by bridesmaid
Black and white wedding photograph of brides father calmly sitting on wedding morning
Happy bride sits on bed on wedding morning as her father also prepares
Bridesmaid in silk dressing gown laughing during bridal wedding preparations
Silver charm bracelet with ballet, Maltese star and heart padlock charms for wedding
Toddler flower girl portrait photograph with father on wedding morning
Father of the bride in blue wedding suit with slippers on wedding morning in Dorset
Mother of the bride having wedding makeup styled on wedding morning photo
Cute Flower Girl with Floral Headband Wedding Portrait Photo
Wedding makeup artist documentary wedding photograph bridal preparations
Happy bride wedding morning portrait photograph during morning makeup
Bridesmaid buttons up wedding dress with lace detail on back
Bridesmaids in light blue dresses help bride into her wedding dress on wedding morning
Brides hands resting on wedding dress with natural nail polish

There were a few nervous moments before Victoria rushed down the stairs, gathered the troops and headed across the driveway into the waiting wedding car

Bride is helped into classic white wedding car with blue ribbons

Groom Preparations for Athelhampton House Wedding

Meanwhile, a short distance away Karl and his three best men prepared for the day. With final adjustments they were wedding ready in the bar, where they enjoyed a drink and a light lunch. Some of the wedding guests joined them before heading off for the wedding venue.

Best man laughing in purple room on wedding morning groom prep
Black and white wedding photograph of groomsmen in mirror tying ties
Groomsmen in blue waistcoats take selfie in pub on wedding morning

After a short journey we all arrived at Athelhampton House. Here button holes were added to the groom and best men’s jackets. Then they started to carry out their duties of welcoming guests who had started to arrive. With news coming through that the bridal party were on route the best men ushered the guests towards the house.  In the great hall a roaring fire warmed the happy guests as they came in and took their places for the ceremony.

Detail Wedding Photograph of Wedding Rings with Diamonds
Groom and best man in blue wedding suits enjoy pre ceremony drinks
Grooms party check wedding schedule at Athelhampton House
Blue and white wedding flower spray at Athelhampton House Wedding
Huge wedding flower spray and wedding breakfast table at Athelhampton
Detail wedding photograph of white wedding button hole flower
Wedding party await bride at Athelhampton House grand hall
Pastel wedding flower spray with historic painting at Athelhampton House Wedding
Father of the groom in blue suit waits patiently for wedding ceremony
Best man waits in doorway at Athelhampton House Wedding photograph

Athelhampton House Wedding Ceremony Photographs

The bridesmaids arrived first followed by Victoria and her father. They gathered outside the main door in the sunshine so the registrars could checked the paperwork. The flowers girls and bridesmaids led the bridal party into the Great Hall. After a few calming breaths Victoria and her father made their way down the aisle. Both with beaming grins on their faces.

Father of bride looks at his daughter as he prepares to walk her down the aisle
Bride takes a deep breath before Athelhampton House Wedding ceremony
Black and white wedding photograph of flower girl about to walk down the aisle
Bride walks down aisle at Athelhampton House wedding ceremony photograph
Father of bride makes bridal party laugh at Athelhampton House Wedding ceremony

In front of the warming fire Victoria and Karl made their promises to each other and exchanged rings. ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’ was followed with applause and cheers. The newly weds had a brief moment to themselves while the guests exited the great hall . Outside the guests waited in anticipation, armed with confetti which showered down on them as they came out.

Best man in blue suit watches civil wedding ceremony at Athelhampton House
Balcony View photograph of Athelhampton House Civil Wedding Ceremony by Dorset wedding photographers
Wedding Guest on historic painting Watches Athelhampton House Wedding ceremony
Bride and groom first kiss at Athelhampton House wedding ceremony
Pink confetti petals and floral head band on stone wall window
Wedding confetti at Athelhampton House Wedding venue in Dorset

A Wedding Drinks Reception at Athelhampton House

The new Mr and Mrs and their guests enjoyed drinks and canapés in the spring sunshine. After some group photos we took a stroll around the magnificent gardens. We could still hear the laughter and chatter of the wedding from the other side of the grounds. Here we captured the first images of the two of them before returning to the Great Hall. Inside we were able to use the Oriel window for some magical images of Victoria and Karl and some of Victoria, highlighting her beautiful wedding dress.

Mother of the bride in pink wedding hat at wedding drinks reception
Happy wedding guests at Athelhampton House Wedding reception
Bride and flower girl laughing at each other at Athelhampton House
Flower girl beaming smile during wedding group photographs
Bride walks into gardens at Athelhampton House wedding venue
Beautiful blonde bride in stone doorway at Athelhampton House
Groom jumps over ornamental pond at Athelhampton House Wedding
Bride in wedding dress at Oriel window at Athelhampton House Wedding
Bride and groom kiss in Oriel window at Athelhampton House Wedding
Bride walks through sunlit grounds at Athelhampton House Wedding
Athelhampton House famous yew tree topiary pyramids with white dove on fountain
Athelhampton House Wedding venue photo with white blue wedding flower spray

Documentary Wedding Photographs of Wedding Breakfast

The wedding guests made their way to the conservatory for the wedding breakfast. With everyone in their seats all stood to welcome the newly weds into the room. Victoria’s father kicked off the speeches with kind words for his daughter and husband. Next up was Karl who gave word of thanks and even got a few laughs all while his new wife looked up at him. The last of the speeches were to come from the three best men. They shared some Karl related cricketing stories and in a tag team style had the room in fits of laughter to a point there was barely a dry eye in the room.

Groomsman in blue suit acts as master of ceremonies for wedding speeches
Father of the bride scratches head during wedding speech at Athelhampton House
Bride and groom with worried faces as father of bride makes wedding speech
Groom makes naughty face during wedding speeches at Athelhampton House
Beautiful wedding guest in pink floral dress laughs at wedding speeches
Groom in blue suit reads speech from phone at Athelhampton House Wedding photos
Groom uses mobile phone and microphone to make wedding speech as bride laughs
Wedding guests laughing at speeches at Athelhampton House Wedding
Father of the groom in blue suit laughs at grooms wedding speech
Three best men in blue waistcoats read wedding speech at Athelhampton House
Three best men laugh as they read wedding speeches at Athelhampton House
Top table at Athelhampton House Wedding laughing at wedding speeches
Wedding guests laughing at Athelhampton House wedding speeches
Three tier off white iced wedding cake topped with white flowers against red brick wall
Athelhampton House Wedding venue with bride and groom at dusk
Bride kisses groom in gardens at Athelhampton House Wedding venue
Bride and groom kiss at Athelhampton House Wedding venue sunset

Evening Entertainment at Athelhampton House Wedding

While everyone had been enjoying the wedding breakfast Iggy :: Wedding DJ had been setting up his lights and equipment in the long hall. After the cutting of the cake supplied by Verity’s Creative Cakes the new Mr and Mrs readied themselves for the first dance. Next everyone gathered around the dance floor they took their first dance as husband and wife. During which Iggy’s surprise confetti cannons showered them in confetti for a second time.

First dance with disco lights at Athelhampton House Wedding
Athelhampton House Wedding first dance with red love heart confetti

Guests joined them on the dance floor throwing shapes and getting their funk on. Meanwhile others enjoyed drinks and yet more amazing wedding food from the buffet.

Bridesmaid in light blue detailed bridesmaids dress dancing at disco
Bride dancing under disco lights at Athelhampton House Wedding
Wedding guest in blue dress dancing under disco lights
Wedding guests chatting on dance floor under disco lights at Athelhampton House
Wedding guest in black and white striped dress dances to wedding DJ
Beautiful blonde wedding guest in floral print dress dances under green disco lighting
Wedding guest with coordinated pink shawl, glasses and feather head piece listening
Athelhampton House Wedding disco dance floor with bride and friends dancing
Athelhampton House wedding venue lit at night with stars in clear night sky

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